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make tooltip of the property name over the property display name work
- extended meta model with property description to help admin understand what's going on
- extended portal object property metadata prototype

- extended the portal object UI property management

Select a CMS content in 2 steps, clicking on a file displays the title and description. Clicking on the select link, adds it to the region
- fixed nav state bug
- fixed nav state bug
- fixed window state change with NavStateContext bug
- improve DnD handling fixes
- fix DnD handle for decoration : the div decoration renderer was floating elements which was causing the dnd zone to be only the portlet actions and the title. Adding a div having style clear:both in the dyna renderer solved the issue.
- resourceName is optional: do not fail on passing null to setter.
- JBPORTAL-715: Initial support for validating/replacing local registration properties by producer values and improved status reporting.

- Added WSRPConsumer.refreshRegistrationInfo method and implementation.

- Renamed ProducerInfo.requiresRegistration to isRegistrationRequired.

- Fixed isRegistered implementation.

- Allow null value for RegistrationProperty (needed when pulling properties from producer, hence without associated value).
- fix DnD handle for frameless windows like CMS
- fix cms / core navigational state integration bug

- remove hard coded ajax properties for dashboard, instead configure it in the default-object.xml, so administrator can create a dashboard that would not have any ajax feature

- Added refreshRegistrationRequirementsFor method to be able to manually refresh the registration metadata from the producer.

- Fixed several issues.

- Added test case.

externalizing the WYSIWIG label. just code cleanup
added the flexibility to toggle the WYSIWIG editor on/off (backport feature from 2.6)
added the flexibility to toggle the WYSIWIG editor on/off
removing the style widget - JBPORTAL-1341
removing the style widget - JBPORTAL-1341
- Fixed svn properties.
- Added jbpm dependency.
improve how ajax configuration works between portal/pages/windows
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- Correctly propagate event context.
Changed from link to button


Filter some more
Upgraded TinyMCE to be in sync with the one in 2.6 - JBPORTAL-1339
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Added comment on region inclusion in the layout
Show the top pages in the tabs.