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- document the header injection of content in dtd
specifying relative size of UML images for a better layout
chapter structure for portal api
started to put content in the portal api chapter
  1. /docs/trunk/referenceGuide/en/images/portalapi
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- Fixed several issues with RegistrationPropertyDescription (shouldn't notify parents for non-modifications, removed several potential NPEs) and added test case (could use more work).

- Added equals and hashCode methods.

- Fixed usage of Java 5 methods. Sorry! :(
- Fixed usage of Java 5 methods. Sorry! :(

- Added missing libs in core-samples.iml.

started to add chapter on portal API
adding the PPT that contains the schema that I use to generate pictures for the ref guide
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completing ajax chapter
  1. /docs/trunk/referenceGuide/en/images/ajax
CR2 programmatic version
CR2 output dir in distrib.xml
suggestion from Adam for mysql5 prb with key lengths
Fixed Wizard bug (portals list was empty)
- WindowNS serialiable
- improved page layout editor layout

- use right stylesheet for the dashboard part that uses the page layout editor

improved page layout editor layout
make tooltip of the property name over the property display name work
- extended meta model with property description to help admin understand what's going on
- extended portal object property metadata prototype

- extended the portal object UI property management

Select a CMS content in 2 steps, clicking on a file displays the title and description. Clicking on the select link, adds it to the region
- fixed nav state bug
- fixed nav state bug