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Fix JBPORTAL-1381: When selecting a Sub Page in the Add Portlet Wizard Mode, there is no way to navigate up to a parent pageWhen selecting a Sub Page in the Add Portlet Wizard Mode, there is no way to navigate up to a parent page

Fix JBPORTAL-1384: User can go to step 2 in Wizard Mode without selecting a Portlet Window

use SVN VCS for demo module in idea
minor javadoc
added demo module that will contain a packaged demo version of JBP
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Revert icons
Background in wrong position
- JBPORTAL-715: Initial support for modifyRegistration (still buggy).

- RegistrationInfo.refresh now maintains a status of whether the registration is valid or not.

- ProducerInfo.refresh can force refreshing the registration information from the producer.

- Removed WSRPConsumer.refreshRegistrationInfo.

- Better updating of Producer state in DB.

- Added createModifyRegistration method.
- MapAccessor.getMap now distinguishes between accessing the Map with an intent to modify it or just read data off of it. This allows for lazy initialization.
- Fixed test case.

- Typos.

- Fixed ProducerConfigurationTestCase.
removed useless constants
- added missing Context interface

- renamed instanceRef -> URI field on the WindowImpl object (need to keep the underlying DB field instanceRef though)

- added convenient Window.getPage() method

minor locale improvement
added LocaleFormat caching using a concurrent hashmap
- Updated Producer DTD to reflect the fact that hint and resourceName are optional

- Fixed ProducerConfigurationFactory which should only accept xsd:string property types for now.

- Added test case.

- JBPORTAL-1380 : LocaleInterceptor does not build correctly the Locale from the user favorite locale
- removed obsolete LocaleInfo class

- moved locale conversion methods which are useful and used to new LocaleFormat class which alllow conversion of Locale to a string format back and forth

- updated test cases accordingly

- moved ConversionException class to o.j.p.common.util so it can be reused more easily in various packages

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JBPORTAL-1386 : "Dashboard" permission to a page, then the "Dashboard" link in the upper right of the page is missing.
- Refreshing a consumer should start it.

- JBPORTAL-715: Properly display registration info if local information is present.

- Fixed error in RegistrationInfo.refresh where the status would be improperly set to invalid

- Handle existing invalid properties properly.

- Initialize invalid status correctly.

- Removed incorrect natural-id in Hibernate mapping.

- Removed unused portlet.
- JBPORTAL-715: Improved layout, behavior and information reporting

+ Fixed display of registration information

+ Moved refresh functionality to ConsumerManagerBean

+ Better display of consumer status

+ Can refresh from consumer list

+ Still needs work and testing.

- Improved behavior if WSDL is not available at startup.

- Now attempt to start the service factory if it hasn't been started already to provide for better user experience in particular when refreshing the info.

JBPORTAL-1379 : Dashboard maximized window should not be draggable
Update Eclipse files
Sync with ref guide

+ Improved layout, behavior and information reporting.

+ Implemented refresh functionality.

+ Still needs work and testing.

- Renamed RegistrationInfo.refreshRegistrationRequirementsFor to refresh.

- Refresh methods return more detailed information.

- Simplified refreshRegistrationRequirementsFor and fixed behavior with respect to returned properties in result.

- Added RefreshResult class.

- Updated tests.

better uml diagrams
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