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JBPORTAL-1449: In the Portlet Instance Details that show up at the bottom of the portlet when a portlet instance ID is clicked, the field data should be left aligned in a column next to the labels.

JBPORTAL-1450: The "Show the associated portlet" link should be removed

JBPORTAL-1448: The "Yes" and "No" links should be made into buttons to be consistent with the rest of the screens in the portlet.
JBPORTAL-1447: The WARNING message should be increased in size, and bolded to show its importance.
JBPORTAL-1443: The "Update" and "Cancel" buttons in the "Theme" screen should be left aligned.
JBPORTAL-1441: In the "Theme" screen for a portal object, the border and "Theme Properties" label should be removed.
JBPORTAL-1435: The "Properties" screen for portal objects should have a "Cancel" button.
JBPORTAL-1434: Change drop down style
JBPORTAL-1431: Information messages should be more visible
JBPORTAL-1429: Buttons on security page
JBPORTAL-1420: Portal region table should be extended
JBPORTAL-1417: Wizard confirmation screen
JBPORTAL-1406: Management page should not contain the navigation portlet
JBPORTAL-1409: The "Create a nested page:" label should be changed to "Create a Page:"
- WSRPInstanceContext now properly uses portletInstanceKey if present to create a proper instance context.

- Fixed NPE if CCP cache is not initialized.

- Fixed typo.
- Update session information in case a portlet was cloned.

- Cache CCPs.

- Improved logging.

- Removed unused field.

- Updated properties.

- oups... broken build correction. there was a cyclic dependency between core and identity modules
  1. /trunk/core/src/main/org/jboss/portal/identity
- correct handling of CachedUserImpl by DelegatingUserProfileModuleImpl and usage of reg.getUser() in UserPortlet
- Use local variable for CapabilitiesInfo to avoid having to retrieve the portlet several times as it could be costly with WSRP.
if the pojo target is unregistered from the mbean server then we inject null in the target setter
- make LDAP synchronized users enabled by default in database
added possibility to unwrap JMX dynamic proxies and replace them by the POJOs, disabled by default for now as it is experimental
- Added toString so that debugging is easier.
Initial import.
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Initial import.
Couldn't correctly build the war file
- portal object permission "view" should not imply "recursive view" on the same node (it was not on descendants)
Slightly better error handling