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Added Meriah's cosmetic changes
replace literals by constants in facelets
when there is a screen name in the path nav, make the portal object clickable to return to the actual portal object screen
implement usability improvement that shows the type of the object in the path nav as well as the contextual screen name when there is one
Dashboard label to Dashboards as it is about managing dashboards
- splitted error handling into portal error handling and page error handling

- moved out the error handling header in order to make it customizable according to the context

- added header for theme editition in dashboard

- renamed ThemeProperyAction -> ThemeBean

- attached the ThemeBean to PortalObjectManager

- use the editTheme for editing the default theme values of the dashboards

- make the PropertyAction bean lifecycle managed by the PortalObjectManager in order to get it attached to the right POMGR and have the capability to edit dashboard properties
- sort entries in PropertiesBean otherwise it leads to update a wrong property since the update rely on the order in the iteration
- added DND as a property updatable by the administrator
added dashboards facelets
- update ui:portlet component to take in account the view state id part of the context required by SunRI

- make page layout work with SunRI

  1. /trunk/faces/src/main/org/jboss/portal/faces/util
- Introduced docs.dir property to easily override location of Portal docs.

- Properly handle using JBOSS_HOME when jboss.home is not set.

- Optimized build task to avoid rebuilding code twice.

- doc.build is now only called if no-doc is not set.

- Minor clean-ups.

- comment ui:portlet fix for now as it screw UI state on Sun RI
- fix for ui:portlet component to work with Sun RI
Italian language files. Contribution of Luca Stancapiano [JBPORTAL-1476]

Since it works, let's make it a bit more OO
- Delegated error handling and parameter retrieval methods from ConsumerBean to new BeanContext class to allow behavior to be JSF-independent. This allows for testing of JSF managed beans outside of a JSF environment.

- Improved ConsumerBean handling of modified state. Correct handling will require a new value change event listener which might not be the right way to go (i.e. is that level of complexity required in terms of 80/20).

- Added JSFBeanContext to implement BeanContext in a JSF context.

- Updated faces-config to use BeanContext.

- Added ConsumerBeanTestCase.

- Added link to wiki module list and a note to explain that deploy only deploys a bare portal.
when default page of a portal is not found, return an unavailable response
when default page of a portal is not found, return an unavailable response
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  1. … 4589 more files in changeset.
- improved implementation of control properties by leveraging OO inheritence to avoid duplicate code

- allow to edit properties of root context since it owns now state

- added inheritable state on PropertyBean to describe if a property can inherit or not the value based on the presence or not of a parent which allow to set the inheritable boolean checkbox to unchecked+disabled

moved converters in a conversion package
removed System.out
Oups forgot to use the correct jsf-portlet lib
Trying to have JBoss Portal 2.6 running on JBoss AS 4.0.x and 4.2.x
security patch to solve sync lock issue with Permissions object in JDK5
Creating a branch for Intuit which includes the security patch
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