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tag as version 3.3.3.Final-SOA on branch 3.3.x
Windows tests are timing out after 9600 sec - upping forkedProcessTimeoutInSeconds to 10800

Updated forkedProcessTimeoutInSeconds from 7200 to 9600 - tests were timing out on Windows

Over-ride method to ensure that tests fail when examples are not available, removed method that checked for library names as the name strings are no longer visible

Updated the ESB Bot tests for branch: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbosstools/branches/jbosstools-3.3.x/esb/tests/org.jboss.tools.esb.ui.bot.test

The tests were out of date - they had not been updated in this branch since Oct 2012.

Also, the tests that verify the operation of an ESB runtime inside of an SOA install were restoed (see JIRA JBDS-2394)

The pom.xml file was modified to download the required ESB and SOA server/runtime .zips


JBIDE-13386 jbosstools-build/target-platforms/ has moved to jbosstools-target-platforms; update README
Tagging for SOA tools 3.3.3.Final release
Updated central version numbers
tag for 3.3.2.Final
JBIDE-11774 - Fixing grammar error and resetting message on facet install page (3.3.x)
JBDS-2448 - Updating 3.3.x stream with additional ESB version warning/error messages
JBIDE-13381 ESB Editor removes "http-client-property" property
AS module got bumped, so fixing the dependency in as bot test
use latest indigo comp req mirror, not specifically SR2 version (so that we can move up to SR2a automatically)
JBIDE-13392 bump feature/plugin versions to 2.3.2
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JBIDE-13209 - Updating 3.3.x ESB stream to include fixes done in 4.0.x and 4.1.x streams as well as updating version #s
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=JBIDE-13369 fixed by changing version to 3.3.2 for vpe component plugins and features
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JBIDE-13368 - strictly matching vm exec environment
JBIDE-13348 - version bump for 3.3.2
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JBIDE-12847 VPE throws StackOverflowError and visual part is blank

Applied changes from JBIDE-12308 to jbosstools-3.3.x branch.

Apply patch JBIDE12249-upversion-to-1.3.2.patch.txt
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JBIDE-12249 patch vetted by maxandersen and fbricon so committing.
JBIDE-13209 to 3.3.x
JBDS-2437 JBIDE-13348 - added the old method back in addition to the new
rollback JBIDE13350-33x-patch.txt because dir stucture is different between .ALPHA and .Final. *sigh*
use Seam 2.3.0.Final instead of 2.3.0.ALPHA -- really, why wasn't this updated AGES ago\? (JBIDE-13350)
JBIDE-13334: LinkageError in bot test after installing slf4j
apply JBDS2394-add-4.12.patch.txt (JBDS-2394)
JBDS-2394 apply patch 'JBDS2394.patch-with-5-lines-changed-in-plugin.xml-and-all-feature-and-plugin-manifests-and-poms-upversioned-to-2.3.2.txt'
bump parent pom to use 3.3.2 / 5.0.2
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