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JBIDE-12828 delete build/ and download.jboss.org/ folders from SVN trunk
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check if trunk still read only
add jbosstools-target-site-maximum = http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/juno/SR1a/latest/ to parent pom
switch to new SwitchYard 0.6.0-friendly requirement composite -- TODO: replace links to 3rd party sites w/ local mirrors
add https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/repositories/snapshots/ as a repository from which to resolve stuff (fix for brno jenkins servers?)
Use new 4.0.0.Beta2-SNAPSHOT version of parent pom in trunk
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use newer m2e repo with apt 1.0.1 (JBDS-2290)
enable SR0c and SR1a target platforms in parent pom (JBDS-2253)
add jenkins.target.maximum profile for use in jenkins (parallel to maximum profile for use offline by devs)
since requirements mirror is now the same as the TP site, there's no longer a need for a local.requirements profile or property
add maximum profile; remove jboss-requirements-composite-mirror profile as it's the same as jbosstools-target-site now; switch osx profile to use nested unified.target instead of jbosstools-target-site repo
switch default TP in parent to be latest minimum (SR0*), not latest maximum (SR1*) - JBIDE-10312, JBIDE-12761
JBIDE-11404: Removed default profile, and set activeByDefault to true on unified.target and jbosstools-staging-aggregate
use up to date TP URL for Juno SR1 (later will switch to SR0b in Beta1 branch\?)
Clean pluginRepositories
Remove emma-related stuff.
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Adding comment to reference an m2e bug
link parent pom to specific version of extras site -- SR0b (JBDS-2278)
JBIDE-12773: Get parent pom to consume new target-platforms
JBIDE-12773: Remove default enablement of local.site based on property. This profile will be deprecated.
JBIDE-12773: Remove default setting of local.site on hudson profile since we replace local.site by jenkins.target
JBIDE-12773: Added jenkins.target profile
point pom and .target files at SR1, not SR0
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Use new 4.0.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT version of parent pom in trunk
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JBIDE-12635: Introduce a new property with default value and profile to simulate a "OR"
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JBIDE-12565: update profiles in parent pom.
bump version of m2e-wtp used by JBDS poms to 20120917-1234 snapshot
fix paths used in parent pom
JBDS-2270 Cannot install JBDS 6.0.0.Alpha1 on x86_64 Win


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update included version of m2e, m2e-apt, m2e-wtp; rename ref in parent pom from <m2e-apt> to <m2e> as it contains all the m2e-* stuff now