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remove target-platform from the site build; remove ref to obsolete site/sources/pom.xml
removed references to emma from build/pom.xml
bump feature/plugin versions to match versions in JBT 4.0.0; add 'do not install' to feature and plugin descriptions/names so they can be filtered from the site (JBIDE-12389)
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switch to new SwitchYard 0.6.0-friendly requirement composite -- TODO: replace links to 3rd party sites w/ local mirrors
regen site content
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fix grammar in fail msg
JBIDE-12389 to hide central.discovery plugin and feature, exclude source feature too
update README's url for zip install
use {update.site.source.dir} instead of {project.build.directory}/site so we're targeting the correct folder; simplify if check
removing the default category should be done whether we're starting from site.xml or category.xml
fix build.xml so it can be called by central site builder w/o extra processing in the pom.xml; JBIDE-12389: exclude features/plugins with 'do not install' in their name or description
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add https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/repositories/snapshots/ as a repository from which to resolve stuff (fix for brno jenkins servers?)
Added previously forgotten test for jBPM runtime.

Added support for jBPM runtime.

bump up relevance numbers so these will be listed before the rest of the stuff in Central (JBIDE-12822)
bump versions to 4.0.0.Beta2-SNAPSHOT
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Use new 4.0.0.Beta2-SNAPSHOT version of parent pom in trunk
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use newer m2e repo with apt 1.0.1 (JBDS-2290)
set up intermediary poms so that root relativePath works automatically
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bump to latest m2e, including addition of m2e-adt, m2e-wro4j, m2e-jdt and buildhelper (JBIDE-12654, JBIDE-12649, JBDS-2290)
new TP generation does not include .blobstore when building JBDS TP, so don't include it when publishing
enable SR0c and SR1a target platforms in parent pom (JBDS-2253)
regen webtools site
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renamed/removed/deprecated old parent pom vars - update refs to them so builds aren't broken
getArch and old build.xml script refactored into new location as target platform builder no longer needs them
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add jenkins.target.maximum profile for use in jenkins (parallel to maximum profile for use offline by devs)
since requirements mirror is now the same as the TP site, there's no longer a need for a local.requirements profile or property
update publish script to target new TPs SR1a and SR0c
rename stable to minimum and latest to maximum to reflect nature of the different TPs (JBIDE-12761, JBIDE-10312); point at new TP builders for JBDS-2353