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JBIDE-16960 filter out more platform fragments

fix indent of generated XML; simplify sample invocation (JBIDE-16820)

tweak instructions / sample invocation of both installFrom*.sh scripts

add if/else check for GIT_REVISION, just in case (JBIDE-16953)

add -CLEAN flag to installFromCentral.sh; check if CENTRAL_URL is valid before trying to perform install from that URL

JBIDE-16953 getRemoteFile targets wrong folder w/ tempfile

add director.xml to .gitignore

JBIDE-16910 new script for p2.director install of all feature.groups and plugins on a target platform site, so we can validate contents

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make sure that there's an upstreamProject.name.xml to parse w/ sed even if wget fails

typo ftl

because different versions of mktemp don't support --tmpdir, try another approach (and curse the slaves w/ old versions of bash)

improve script documentation and add timestamps / directory size calculations

JBIDE-16820 improve filtering of commented code from plugin.xml using xslt; use p2.dir -list to get all the feature.groups to install instead of parsing category.xml

JBIDE-16820 create headless p2 director install job for testing installation of JBT+Central or JBDS+Central

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ensure tmpfiles are unique for each wget operation, and that before moving them they are writeable

support new jbosstools-base_Alpha2-v20140221-1555-B437_184e18cc3ac7c339ce406974b6a4917f73909cc4_sources.zip zips and fix long-standing problem w/ ALL_REVISIONS.txt not finding upstream revs) (JBIDE-16632)

JBTIS-240 add *.MD5 files to the list of excluded files when searching for subdirs

fix path to new tmpdir/output file

new method for collecting URLs and failing more forgivingly if server cacks out - getRemoteFile()

JBIDE-16376 temporary workaround: ensure upstream logs/ALL_REVISIONS.txt file actually exists; if no, don't fail the build

JBIDE-16214: Smarter (?) Groovy script to generate Jacoco reports

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New script to provide sleep loop when publishing a new discovery site which points at an as-yet unpublished JBT or JBDS site; instead of install grinder test failing, it will wait up to 30 mins and check a intervals for needed content to appear. URL, sleep time, and # of sleeps configurable

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scripted-installation/director.xml is now scripted-install/director.xml and instead of -DIUs=, use -Dinstall= (JBIDE-15892, JBIDE-15891)

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JBIDE-14448 improve console output for local site use case

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JBIDE-14448 add offline use case to examples and strip out variables we don't need when running locally

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JBIDE-14448 add offline use case to examples and strip out variables we don't need when running locally

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tweak documentation and usage examples (JBIDE-15483)

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script now works for pulling build folder children (limited to NUM folders) and static URLs. Examples explain how to use for 4.1.x.kepler and master branches (JBIDE-15483)

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accidentally pushed new publish.sh to master, so revert from 4.1.0.Final version and rename new version to publish_new.sh