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Fixed RedDeer call bcs. of changes in RedDeer API

+ removed unused import

Simplify dummy bot test

The dummy bot test used RequirementAwareSuite which is not necessary

- the aim of this test is to check if a simple bot test will work

so it should be as simple as possible. Now the test suite uses


Changed name of EAP's label in New Server dialog to name that brings JBT 4.2

Changes in xml config files. Wildfly is now set as familyWildfly and versions for all families are derived from appropriate name of server adapter.

Import application test case added

Jenkins stabilization and clean up of unusued imports

SWTBotExt changed test's names

Migrated tests from swt bot requirements to Red deer requirements

  1. … 111 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-13938 Refactored

Stability improved on Jenkins and fix RedDeer calls

JBIDE-13938 Added advanced examples showing version and type restriction

JBIDE-13938 Server requirements can define required type and version

JBIDE-16161 Temporary fix for missing equinox.event plugin

When running swt bot tests on Mac, the workbench fails to load.

This is because org.eclipse.equinox.event is no longer in the chain

of dependencies. So the temporary solution is to add it ourselves.

Split different functionality for OpenShift Online and OpenShift enterprise

- split create application from github, bcs. of different labels

- minor fix for create app through wizard - now more flexible solution

- some cleanup performed

- modified Enterprise test suite

New test case - create application through Wizard - also fixed some timeouts, make tests more stable

New test case - multiple openshift accounts handling

Adds Performance tests support

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Added tests for startup / shutdown polling.

  1. … 34 more files in changeset.
Create project from github template test and improved deletion of the applications

Fixes label of New JSF project template Combo label

and browserSim.open() method new boolean parameter adding

Adds jbosstools and jbosstools tests repo definitions

Updating launchers to use it with git based projects

Updated launchers to use it better with git projects

Update to 4.2.0.Alpha2-SNAPSHOT parent and fix integration tests repo url

Our root pom now refers to Alpha2 parent pom.

The integration tests repo definition used the wrong 4.1.kepler url. Now

it uses master.

Also, a minor fix to update site is included - some strings updated.

Add instructions for branching the repo

README.md now contains a chapter on how to branch the git repo

and what steps to follow.

Changed EAP servers category to "Red Hat JBoss Middleware"

Uses ShellLookup.getInstance() instead of new ShellLookup()

Tests completly rewritten to RedDeer - removed SWT bot dependencies - removed ui.bot.ext dependencies - MANIFEST changes (now it is universal for branch 4.1.x and master) - clean up performed

  1. … 32 more files in changeset.
Uses ShellLookup().getInstance() instead of new ShellLookup()

Change RedDeer and integration tests repo url

Change RedDeer url to stable 0.4.1 and integration tests

to 4.1.kepler