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JBTIS-147: Cannot build BPMN2 bot tests

JBTIS-131: Create SY bot test from existing EJB

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JBTIS-126: Create SY bot test from existing Camel route

Updated JBTIS to 4.1.2

JBTIS-146: Update all jbtis bot tests to 4.1.1

Reformatting, logging exception

Fix method calls

add new test to BrmsTestSuite

remove properties file comitted by mistake

use current version of RedDeer

Test for Drools resources creation

Unify resources creation dialogs

introducing DEFAULT_RULES_PATH constant

JBTIS-130: Create SY bot test from existing BPEL

Changed ViewTree to DefaultTree

Update parent pom reference in our root pom to 4.1.0.Final

Fixed build.properties in bpel tests

OpenShift credentials removed from launch config.

AudioBooks testscript

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Edited WildFly 8 tests to use WildFly 8 server adapter instead of EAP 6.1 adapter

Added WildFly 8 server adapter support to requirements.

Optimizes bot tests (less app creations)

JBIDE-15079: Adapt switchyard bot tests for Kepler

JBIDE-15078: Adapt jBPM bot tests for Kepler

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'apodhrad/JBTIS-28'

Added support for CordovaSim & Config Editor in bot tests

JBIDE-15077: Adapt modeshape bot tests for Kepler

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Reflects changes to HTML source formatting within VPE. Reorders VPE tests. Fixes counting of running java processes.

BPMN2: Adapted to Kepler, added new test cases

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Update drools framework to RedDeer v0.4.0