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Export packages (mostly) from org.jboss.tools.bpmn2.itests

Applied Red Deer change in jBPM bot tests

fix1: Data Type -> Item Definition, and inactive shell

Error in code - require some jar file // * re-run wsdl2java with "-frontend jaxws21" to generate JAX-WS 2.1 compliant code instead Bypassed requirement of JAX-WS 2.2, which made an error in code, by putting affected constructors to comments

Fixed waiting for result in WSTesterView

Fixed using of button "Get from WSDL" in Web Service Tester

Fixed cathing exception after using RedDeer instead of SWTBot

Fixed problems with testDefaultPkg in TopDownWSTest

Added more sleep to perform delay between selecting TreeItem and obtaining result

Removed JBIDE-12680 workaround (which look like JBIDE-12690 workaround)

Added comment about problems with projectExplorer.deleteAllProjects() which sometimes doesn't work

Changed rest explorer label to "JAX-RS Web Services"

Testing without workaround for JBIDE-11766, which was not resolved yet.

export editor package

Extend waiting time (w7 on Jenkins is really slow)

Added missing class, fixed buttons not working in DrlEditor

Use RedDeer to close and save all editors

Removed using workaround for JBIDE-12680.

Applied changes from RedDeer - using DefaultTreeItem

Changed runtime version to "4.1.3.Final-redhat-3"

ESB bot test fixes

enabled most of the tests

Update JBTIS TP to 4.1.4.Final

upgrade versions in manifest

Get rid of Deprecated warning

JBTIS-124: Create SY bot test for file gateway

Minor tweaks - removing unnecessary property - removing deprecated module (no longer exists) - adding cleanup settings (temp files)

First draft of DSLEditor framework class

require hamcrest library (dependency of RedDeer

Logging like in BRMS testsuite, minor tweaks

Support classes for running the rules