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Remove bot.ext dependency from perf plugin (#1679)

Remove wrong test suite from vpe pr check profile (#1682)

Define default suiteClass property (#1680)

Add prcheck profile for cordovasim (#1677)

Fixed OpenShift tests related to docker (#1643)

- used docker abstraction

- should be also platform independant (autodetect)

- should be more stable by refresh of connection (problem with watcher updates)

#comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.3.AM1-SNAPSHOT #close

Add PR check profile for VPE tests (#1675)

Docker tests refactoring (hierarchy changes) (#1671)

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Revert "Integration tests are failing dur to plugin lifecycle errors - set th…" (#1676)

Revert "Integration tests are failing dur to plugin lifecycle errors - set th…"

Integration tests are failing dur to plugin lifecycle errors - set this error to IGNORE before running tests. (#1674)

Requirement for disabling Secure Storage was added (#1665)

JBIDE-23384 use a better name for the update... (#1673)

* JBIDE-23384 use a better name for the update site zip so it can be found by the publishing scripts - integration-tests.site-VERSION.zip instead of just site-VERSION.zip

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

* deploy a repository.zip file to the build folder so we can stage and release it, as we do for all the other aggregate sites

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

Added README.md how to run tests. Updated OS2 test suites. (#1672)

#comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.4.2.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

[JBIDE-23504] make sure OpenNewConnectionShellTest runs when there are (#1667)

no connections

[JBIDE-23509] made sure ProjectNameValidationTest has a conn (#1670)

[JBIDE-23502] allow ConnectionPropertiesTest to run individ. (#1666)

Docker - add kill pulling job after test finished,code refactoring (#1659)

DeployOnServer - new methods/code refactoring

JBIDE-23093 Adapt to variable changes in parent pom (#1646)

jbosstools_site_stream is now stream_jbt

Maven repository Windows specific fix (#1662)

[JBIDE-23506] removed non-functional tests for show in browser (#1668)

removed ShowConnectionInWebConsoleTest and ShowProjectInWebConsoleTest

because they are not working

Forge Reveng Deploy Scaffold Test (#1658)

[JBIDE-23499] fixed and merged ConnectionWizardLinkTest (#1664)

* fixed ConnectionWizardLinkTest to login into CDK via OAuth

(was trying to use openshift 3 online preview with a disabled account)

* renamed the single test method in it and moved into


* extracted labels to OpenShiftLabel

Set browsersim location to be visible everytime (#1657)

Remove all usages of ActiveShell in hibernate tests (#1654)

Updating of freemarker directives tests. Changed the way how to go through outline view tree items and added missing freemarker directives from version 2.3.25 (#1653)

New test for data-model and template conversion added.

New tests for freemarker template directives processing added.

Check of directives: autoEsc, compress, function, include, if, noparse, list, setting

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[JBIDE-23491] dont have cleanup failing if no connection/projs (#1660)

Wait longer for livereload to kick in (#1656)

Pass toolItem value when launching browsersim. (#1655)