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Added CXF 2.x Web Service Client test

CXF 2.x is Web Service Runtime so there is a new class WebServiceRuntime

which is used to distinguist between CXF 2.x and JBoss WS runtime.

It's downloaded via maven download plugin and path to it is stored into

properties file

Tests for WsClient was extracted to WsClientTestTemplate which

covers testing. It's a super class for CxfWsClientTest and

WsClientTest, which specify the WebServiceRuntime.

Adding choice of Web Service Runtime, which is used to create dynamic web

project, brings problems with different dialogs layout and also need of having

more informations (like name of ear project).

There is also huge refactoring. This was also opportunity to reimplement

methods and implement new ones using Red Deer API.

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JBIDE-15853 move non-test plugins into plugins/ folder and set their poms to eclipse-plugin instead of eclipse-test-plugin

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