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JBIDE-23131 Deletion of OpenShit integration tests due to migration to (#1887)

openshift repo

Signed-off-by: Josef Kopriva <>

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Perf.test.core was renamed to perf. Update InstallDependencies.p2f (#1842)

JBIDE-23959 update InstallDependencies.p2f to fetch from oxygen, not neon; use 4.4.3 instead of 4.3.0

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <>

[JBIDE-23597] removed since deprecated (#1688)

ticketmonster is not maintained any more. So there's no value in having

automated tests for it any more.

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migrate from 4.3 / mars to 4.4 / neon; fix URLs accordingly

Red Deer is still on /mars/ for now

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Installation file for aggregated installation of dependencies added.

Usage: File->Import->Install->Install software items from file.

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