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JBIDE-23762 - Removes common.reddeer. Has been moved to jbosstools-base. (#1731)

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Removes as and runtime reddeer wrappers and test plugins / have been moved to component repo. see and (#1728)

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Move to 4.4.3. (#1722)

Versions of all poms changed from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3.

Bundle-Version of all plugins changed.

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Update RedDeer dependencies in files of integration tests plugins and tests (#1709)

Replacing of multiple Reddeer package in required-bundle with unified package org.jboss.redder.go

Restriction of the range of used version to 1.2.0 included up to 2.0.0 excluded

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Move to 4.4.2.AM1-SNAPSHOT and upversion plugins (#1606)

In addition, I also changed all test manifests

to include ranges for .reddeer plugins: [4.4.2,4.5.0)

I used this command:

find . -iname MANIFEST.MF -ipath '*/META-INF/M*'|xargs perl -pi -e 's/\[4.4.1,4.5.0\)/[4.4.2,4.5.0)/'

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JBIDE-22556 Move to 4.4.1.Alpha1 and upversion plugins (#1532)

In addition, I also changed all test manifests

to include ranges for .reddeer plugins: [4.4.1,4.5.0)

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Update version to 4.3.1-SNAPSHOT

Because parent pom is now set to 4.3.1.Beta1,

this means that our plugins will have the version of

4.3.0.Beta1 (the qualifier is inherited) and that is lower

than 4.3.0.Final, so older dependencies will be prefered which is


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Update version to 4.4.0-SNAPSHOT

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Reflects removed deprecated code from RedDeer

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JBQA-11696 Unify properties for tests skipping in jbosstools-integration-tests

Until now we used swtbot.test.skip which was set to true in tests/pom.xml.

But it seems this property is redundant - we can simply use skipTests

everywhere and it will be clearer for people outside our team.

skipTests is also the property that is taken by tycho surefire plugin.

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Fixed compilation issues caused by RedDeer refactoring.

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Fixed imports and changes affected by RedDeer refactoring

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Created CDI Templates to support multiple CDI version testing

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Removing of .settings .project .classpath

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Remove broken (in Mars) package explorer

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Properly set targeted runtime for projects

Update version to 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT and point to new parent

Now that JBT 4.2.0.Final is released, we need to move to

the new version.

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Fixes changes in RedDeer API version 0.7.0

  1. … 91 more files in changeset.
Fixes compilation errors introduced with RedDeer refactoring

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Unify the use of swtbot.test.skip

The property swtbot.test.skip is set in the jbt parent pom.

in the past most, but not all, tests used it to configure

<skip> for tycho-surefire-plugin. Now I moved this config to

tests/pom.xml so that it's consistently used everywhere.

At the same time, I changed maven-download-plugin definitions

to download-maven-plugin where applicable - this is the new artifactID.

And I set up the skip there as well. Same for maven-dependency-plugin.

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Fix schema location

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cdi & seam3 & deltaspike swtbotless

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Updated View due to changes in RedDeer master

Removed org.eclipse.swtbot.eclipse.ui from several MANIFEST.MF files.

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Version update for 4.2.0

Parent has been updated to 4.2.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT and all plugins

to 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT. Also, the ranges for bot ext version in all

manifests has been updated from [4.1.0,4.2.0) to [4.2.0,4.3.0).

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fix all files to list correct provider and set bundleshape: jar, bundlelocalization: plugin (JBIDE-16018)

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cdi, deltaspike are using LogMessage from reddeer instead of bot.ext improved test stability

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CDI SEAM3 test fixes

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Fixing seam3 test projects to contain necessary beans.xml file

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JBIDE-13859 Fix deps on to restrict version

I noticed that many of our test jobs use wrong version of bot ext from local

maven repo. This is because we weren't scrict about the required version.

I fixed this in all tests' manifests.

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