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Fixed tests for new Central Look&Feel

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Fix the link in Servers view, when no server is defined

In JBDS 7.0.0 Alpha2, category of Annotations View was changed from "JAX-RS" into "Web Services"

Updates to use org.hamcrest.core version 1.3+

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In Kepler M6 a combobox is used for entering the name of project, instead of textbox in previous versions

Improves waiting for active shells when adding class path variable Use just lower case strings for PropertiesEditorTest

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Added support for jBPM5 runtimes to AddJBPM

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Added support for jBPM5 runtimes to AddJBPM

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Adds test for jQuery Mobile Palette

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JBIDE-13770 Update integration-tests plugin versions to 4.1 in master

This is something that we should have done when master became JBT 4.1.x.

So let's at least do it now. Right now most test plugins are version

4.0.0-SNAPSHOT in both master and jbosstools-4.0.x branch.

I verified that everything can be built.

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MacSpecific hack mainly for JDK 7

Some of CDIConstants moved into IDELabel + corresponding modification to tests.

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Removed Java EE Ear Project as it's no longer in Central. One more fix.

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Support for new EAP adapter (JBIDE-13537)

This one is for jbosstools-4.0.x .

Support for new EAP adapter (JBIDE-13537)

wait until method added when deleting a project

Fix for popup shell (resources not in sync) when deleting project.

new ws test implemented

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JBIDE-13211 - Update tests to work with JBDS 7.0.0

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Add possibility to retrieve location of configured runtime

Fixes removed JBT Palette and do not check content of newly added VPE context menu Mobile

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Remove zest from exported packages

Removes zest extension

JBIDE-13783 Removes zest extension from bot.ext (Juno)

fixing tests + improving its stability

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Added debugging to log list of available shells - reverted change made for JBIDE-13351 to shell name - original name string was correct for Jenkins runs.

Over-ride method failOnMissingExample from parent class for: - so that tests will fail when an example needed by the test cannot be found and installed

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Updated ESB tests in response to changes in:

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Fix method SWTOpenExt.viewOpen() to wait while dialog is opened

Fix method finish() to not use infinit loop