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Fixed name of the group that contains text field and refactored

Added runtime tests for JPP 6.1

Changed EAP-6.1's adapter name to EAP-6.1+

Freemarker ui launcher updated

Fixes Browsersim context menu content test

JBTIS-104 Add integration-tests repo definition to root pom

As a consequence of JBTIS-104 and JBIDE-13790, parent pom now contains

a reference to coretests, not integrationtests. In order to resolve

dependencies for bot.ext (and/or others), we need this repo definition.

Add url definitions for EAP to avoid build failure

When building tests using mvn verify without any other parameters

the build would fail because the url for download plugin was not

set properly. Now fixed.-

Update parent pom reference to 4.1.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT

Closes BrowserSim/CordovaSim when test is finished

Support for EAP 6.2 server adapter

JBIDE-13790 Remove integration stack tests from this repo

Integration stack tests now have their own repo as described

in JBIDE-13790 .

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Updated pom for Mylyn tests to reference 4.1.0 snapshot

Mavenized EAP-6.0.x and EAP-6.1.x tests.

Servers are downloaded from defined urls and md5s

(jbosstools.test.jboss-eap-6.0.x.url, jbosstools.test.jboss-eap-6.0.x.md5,

jbosstools.test.jboss-eap-6.1.x.url, jbosstools.test.jboss-eap-6.1.x.md5)

Fixed server name of EAP-6.0.x. Using jboss-eap-6.0.

Added EAP-6.0.x and EAP-6.1.x tests to AllTestsSuite and Java7AllTestsSuite.

Created detection and checking operations of servers EAP-6.0.x and EAP-6.1.x.

Veryfies if CordovaSim proccess is started after Cordova project is started

Fixes validation of opened editor after F3 was pressed

Fixes condition for empty selection externalization

Deltaspike is now using reddeer 0.4

Fixed connection profile in ServerMgmtTest

Small changes improving stability. API for importing archetypes and quickstarts added.

Playback delay set to 2000

Added to resources .zip with project

Updated ServerMgmtTest -- contextMenu in SQLScrapbook (bug in SWTBot causing fail in reddeer, issue 341)

JBTIS-183: Create SY bot test for domain settings

Updated JBTIS version to 4.1.3.Beta4

Fixed SWTBot dependency, which was deprecated in RedDeer 0.4

archives tests updated to RedDeer API 0.4