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Optimizes bot tests (less app creations)

JBIDE-15079: Adapt switchyard bot tests for Kepler

JBIDE-15078: Adapt jBPM bot tests for Kepler

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'apodhrad/JBTIS-28'

Added support for CordovaSim & Config Editor in bot tests

JBIDE-15077: Adapt modeshape bot tests for Kepler

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Reflects changes to HTML source formatting within VPE. Reorders VPE tests. Fixes counting of running java processes.

BPMN2: Adapted to Kepler, added new test cases

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Update drools framework to RedDeer v0.4.0

JBIDE-15062: Adapt bpel bot tests for Kepler

JBTIS-28: Fixed test features and site

JBIDE-15076: Adapt esb bot tests for Kepler

Maximize the eclipse window before running tests

A more reliable way of deleting projects

Load templates from classpath instead of adding them into the java file

Add support for loading templates from classpath

new test, little code cleanup

JBoss tools usage is now JBoss Developer Studio Usage

JBIDE-15117 Fix duplicate in forge ui bot test pom

There are two definitions of the maven-dependency-plugin.

They need to be merged into one call with two executions.

Added driver definition to properties file

Teiid importer - import SQL Server data type

Fix string of no-server message in server view (again)

This string is being searched to determine if there are any servers set up or not.

It was updated by jjankovi in May, but for some reason reverted by back rhopp a bit

later. Now fixing again.

Tests LiveReload functionality with BrowserSim

JBIDE-15065: Merge jbosstools-4.0.x with master

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Update parent pom version to 4.1.0.CR1-SNAPSHOT

Finished CompensateEndEvent test

Finished CompensateEndEvent test

Updated OpenShift labels

Refactored test framework

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Refactored test framework

  1. … 120 more files in changeset.