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Removed repository swtbot/snapshots from portlet's pom.xml

JBIDE-13938 Fixed error that was caused by RedDeer api change

added Seam reddeer plugin

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added JSF reddeer plugin

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Transfering forgotten files (removing second central test plugin directory)

JBIDE-13939 Changed version of JBoss server requirements from string to enum

Server family (previously server type) and version was merged to one enum

type - server type

Renamed ServerReqOperator to ServerReqVersion because the annotation's

attributes has changed and attribute "version" is more explicit than attribute

"operator". For example this @JBossServer(type=EAP5x, version=GREATER) is

explicitly saying that we want EAP with version greater than 5.x.

However this @JBossServer(type=EAP5x, operator=GREATER) is a little bit

confusing for new user of JBoss Server requirements, because he don't know

what is an operator.

Changed parsing server version. Now it distinct major and minor versions.

Parse server version has format MAJOR_VERSION*10+MINOR_VERSION, where

minor version is a single-digit

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JBIDE-13938 Fixed and refactored error check

JBIDE-13938 Schema is now available from dir www.jboss.org/schema/reddeer

Removed unresolved imports from Portlets to avoid build errors

Removed org.eclipse.swtbot.eclipse.ui from several MANIFEST.MF files.

Removed unnecessary dependency

Increased import application timeout due to falling test

Migrated AS component to use Red Deer.

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Adds searching for view via title prefix

Fixes JSF2 Attribute rename menu item label

Fixes label of Project Template within New JSF project wizard

JBIDE-13938 Fixed category and label of FamilyEAP

Fixes BrowserSim API changes

Fixed RedDeer call bcs. of changes in RedDeer API

+ removed unused import

Simplify dummy bot test

The dummy bot test used RequirementAwareSuite which is not necessary

- the aim of this test is to check if a simple bot test will work

so it should be as simple as possible. Now the test suite uses


Changed name of EAP's label in New Server dialog to name that brings JBT 4.2

Changes in xml config files. Wildfly is now set as familyWildfly and versions for all families are derived from appropriate name of server adapter.

Import application test case added

Jenkins stabilization and clean up of unusued imports

SWTBotExt changed test's names

Migrated tests from swt bot requirements to Red deer requirements

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JBIDE-13938 Refactored

Stability improved on Jenkins and fix RedDeer calls

JBIDE-13938 Added advanced examples showing version and type restriction

JBIDE-13938 Server requirements can define required type and version