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Added tests and supporting code for tests for Mylyn/Jenkins plugin



Added support for Mylyn Hudson/Jenkins connector tests

Original commit omitted new plugin: org.jboss.tools.mylyn.reddeer

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Fixed OpenShift tests because of changes in UI

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Fixed JBoss Server requirements with processing a New Adapter Page

The workflow of creating server via New Server dialog has been changed.

There is a new wizard page, which brings options to set up profile and

to create remote runtime without a server.

Therefore, JBoss Server requirements had to be updated.

changed maven dependency from tools.maven.profiles to eclipse.m2e.profiles

Added Wildfly8.0.0.Final to mavenized runtime tests

removed archvies dependency on swtbot

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added IDELabel class containing base label constants

Add examples test

In future just add closeAllShells method instead of comment // HERE GOES CLOSE ALL SHELLS

to avoid possible errors while importing

AS: Implemented unsupported editor features.

AS tests: Changed retrieving of server module + using Labeled combo instead of DefaultCombo.

Changed DefaultCombo to LabeledCombo

Removed JBTTestCase from AS tests + added properties to launchers + removed Section.

Update parent pom to version 4.2.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT

Updated javadoc and fixed changes in Web Services

Changes were made in validation of applications (there are errors instead

of warnings).

Added CXF 2.x Web Service Client test

CXF 2.x is Web Service Runtime so there is a new class WebServiceRuntime

which is used to distinguist between CXF 2.x and JBoss WS runtime.

It's downloaded via maven download plugin and path to it is stored into

properties file ws.properties.

Tests for WsClient was extracted to WsClientTestTemplate which

covers testing. It's a super class for CxfWsClientTest and

WsClientTest, which specify the WebServiceRuntime.

Adding choice of Web Service Runtime, which is used to create dynamic web

project, brings problems with different dialogs layout and also need of having

more informations (like name of ear project).

There is also huge refactoring. This was also opportunity to reimplement

methods and implement new ones using Red Deer API.

Fixed omitted Label and minor timeouts fixes

Fix WildFly server label - remove experimental str

OpenShift: implemented github app test case

Renamed package with advanced examples in JBoss server requirements

Refactored final fields in JBoss server requirements

Fixed Red Deer API change in JBoss server requirements

Method isEnabled was moved from WidgetLookup to handler.

Using WithTextMatcher and DefaultHyperLink.

Disable modal dialogs at eclipse startup (usage etc.)

These properties should disable subclipse, jbt usage reporting

and atlassian dialogs at startup

Update parent pom to 4.1.2.Final-SNAPSHOT

Fix: new schema location in config files.

Pick up the merged target dependencies of the JBoss Tools core unified target and the full JBoss Tools Integration Stack (with community)

Change @Server annotation to @JBossServer annotation and inherit from reddeer ServerRequierementsBase schema.

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Fix failing build in eclipse environment

JBIDE-13938 Refactored pkg org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.reddeer.server.wizard.page

ticketmonster usercase tests created

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Removes plugin.xml from build.proerties of central bot tests