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Central tests - removed deploy on server (#1718)

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Wait for vpv navigation items to update (#1719)

Examples - Added blacklist file for non supported quickstarts in (#1717)


Automated tests for websocket stub methods code assistant [JBDS-5944] (#1714)

Docker test stabilization after last refactoring (#1716)

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Fix extracting of zips and getDownloadLink for macosx. + New version of OC binaries. (#1712)

* New version od OC binaries.

* Fix extracting of zips and getDownloadLink for macosx.

Portlet tests rewritten. (#1715)

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[JBIDE-23596] - Integration tests global refactoring: org.jboss.tools.ws.ui.bot.test (#1711)

- Make each unit tests independant from other

- Remove non necessary code

- Add a new JavaFolding requirement

Handle with care as I was not able to run some tests (mainly related to

AnnotationViewer because moving cursor to the right TextEditor line enable Java

folding and cursor in then on a bad line (import)

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

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[JBIDE-23633] use small docker images to speed up the suite (#1699)

* [JBIDE-23648] fixed ImageTagTest#addUpperCaseTagToImage

* [JBIDE-23633] use small docker images to speed up the suite

* used smaller docker images to speed up the suite (BuildImageTest,

PullImageTest, ExposedPortTest, ContainerTabTest, PropertiesViewTest,

LaunchDockerImageTest, DockerContainerTest, DifferentRegistryTest,


* pulling instead of building in HierarchyViewTest

* fixed DockerConnectio#getImageNames and #deployedImagesCount so that

specific image versions can be asserted

* introduced AbstractImageBotTest as base class for all tests that deal

with images (build, push, pull, etc.)

* added AbstractImageBotTest#deleteContainerIfExists to delete

containers from previous test runs

* corrected static fields in test to be consistently static & final

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[JBIDE-23585] - Integration tests global refactoring: org.jboss.tools.jsf.ui.bot.test (#1713)

- Make tests independant

- Change time out

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

[JBIDE-23648] fixed ImageTagTest#addUpperCaseTagToImage (#1708)

Update RedDeer dependencies in manifest.mf files of integration tests plugins and tests (#1709)

Replacing of multiple Reddeer package in required-bundle with unified package org.jboss.redder.go

Restriction of the range of used version to 1.2.0 included up to 2.0.0 excluded

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jbide-23587: fix necessary pom.xml-s deletion (#1706)

Workaround of safe deleting of project with reddeer direct api (#1705)

- caused test failures on windows 10

- will be refatored after upstream patch is released

Refactoring to renaming test

Added additional setting of focus to Add property shell in batch artifact wizard

- shell was losing focus on rhel

jbide-23587: add maven2 repository to resolve all dependencies (#1701)

[JBIDE-23497] made test suite-indep, possibly wait for ssl cert dialog (#1663)

[JBIDE-23640] DConnection#getImage by tag should inspect all tags (#1702)

* fixed DockerConnection¼getImage(name, tag) to inspect all tags

* fixed test to wait for push to be finished

Added profile for aerogear pr check. (#1703)

OpenShift 3 full suite stabilization (#1698)

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Stabilizing runtime detection tests (#1681)

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Set focus on browser in order for livereload js script to kickin (#1700)

[JBIDE-23629] fixed AddConnectionTest to lookup conns by host (#1696)

Connections in the Docker explorer must be unique in name and unique in

host. AddConnectionTest thus can fail if there already is a connection

using the same host with a different name.

This should be fixed by looking up connections by their host.

* corrected connection lookups

* extracted constants

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Added stackTraceToString method + added missing copyright (#1694)

Added fixes for Jenkins slaves (#1692)

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Update CDK test to reflect Docker plugin changes (#1697)

Print stack trace of catched exceptions

Remove old JSF tests & add new JSF tests to site and tests/pom.xml (#1695)

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Allow user to set config file properties via sysprop when running in runtime workbench (#1693)

Fix dependencies in mylyn plugins (#1691)

Dont export non-existing package (#1690)

Remove deprecated vpe tests (#1689)

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