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JBIDE-22470 wrong variable for eclipseReleaseName = neon; no such variable eclipseName defined (#1521)

JBIDE-22470 wrong variable for eclipseReleaseName = neon; no such variable eclipseName defined (#1521)

Update parent to 4.4.0.Final-SNAPSHOT (#1520)

Fixed JST Tests to work on CentralCI Jenkins. (#1518)

Remove hibernate jars and update tests (#1517)

  1. … 116 more files in changeset.
REST tests fixes and updates (#1511)

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Removes obsolete dependency. (#1516)

SOAP refactoring and updates (#1512)

Check if some resources have been generated. (#1515)

Added smoke tests for handling New OpenShift app wizard of builder images (#1514)

New tests for Docker, Code refactoring. (#1513)

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Modified default behaviour of JBoss Server clean up to true (#1508)

Examples: changed URL in POM, added more debug information, fixes. (#1510)

Added OpenShift smoke tests for resource creation and app from URL (#1509)

Initial Tern Tests Implementation (JBIDE-20442) (#1507)

* Tern Modules Tests

* Tern Code Assist Tests

EAP 7 added (other runtimes updated) and pom.xml maintanance in (#1503)

runtime-detection tests.

Added OpenShift test for a link to create new OS Project (#1506)

Use Server wizard dialog from reddeer (#1505)

Fix OSX path and profile after changing name from jbdevstudio to devstudio (#1504)

JSF texts fixes (#1502)

Removed dependency from bot.ext to jst.reddeer (#1499)

JBIDE-21621 Remove RedDeer repo definition as it is in TP now (#1500)

JBIDE-21621 added RedDeer to 4.60.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT TP,

so from JBoss Tools 4.4.0.Alpha1 onward, we can rely on that

and do not need our own repo definition anymore. When we need to

update RedDeer in TP, we request that in a JIRA.

Remove deprecated bower preferences tests. (#1501)

Project examples - added deploy on servers. (#1498)

OpenShift tests stability fixes and maintanance (#1497)

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Maven: Annotation processing dialog labels fix + POM minor fixes. (#1496)

Docker tests added SmokeSuite, minor fixes for Jenkins. (#1495)

Create Smoke Suites for OpenShift 2 and OpenShift 3 separately (#1494)

Runtime detection smoke tests updated to use WFLY10 (#1493)

Updated test to be in synch with bug fix for JBIDE-21632