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Fix for cdi11 null values test

Query execution added into hibernate query tests

AS: added explicit opening of servers view (forgotten cases)

AS: added explicit opening of JBossServersView

Test to check injection of null values added for CDI

Code generation minor fixes and handling current JPA Entity generation issue

Project facets setting updated to work with hibernate tests

ticketmonster tests stability

Forge2 new test for EJB Setup wizard.

Forge2 new tests for REST Setup wizard.

Forge2 new tests for JSF Setup wizard.

Forge2 new tests for CDI Setup wizard.

Forge2 new test for Constraint Setup wizard.

Forge2: refactor JPA tests. Move test setup into before method.

Forge: added missing dependencies for maven test execution.

Forge2 optimalization during opening Forge Console.

Forge2 new test for Servlet Setup wizard.

rename variable from JBossTychoPluginsVersion to jbossTychoPluginsVersion

if we use pluginManagement in parent pom, we don't need to set a version for repository-utils here (depends on https://github.com/jbosstools/jbosstools-build/pull/171 )

Resource lookup added to common plugin

JBIDE-19088 use parent pom from master branch (4.3.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT) and therefore JBossTychoPluginsVersion=0.22.0 from parent pom

Added default configuration for examples tests.

Forge2 new tests for WAR and Maven Resources project.

Forge2 new test if persistence.xml has right content.

Sakila default db requirement configuration added into hb ui tests

Forge RedDeer. Implemented handling of forge console text.

JAX-RS web services plugin and test modifications, refactoring and stabilization - JAX-RS core stuff remade (JAX-RS WS Node, RESTful Web Services) - test stabilization mostly by time outs - using modified core stuff in tests

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Removes swtbot dependency in forge1 tests. Uses RedDeer instead.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
New criteria editor test added

New HQL Editor test created