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Get rid of Deprecated warning

JBTIS-124: Create SY bot test for file gateway

Minor tweaks - removing unnecessary property - removing deprecated module (no longer exists) - adding cleanup settings (temp files)

First draft of DSLEditor framework class

require hamcrest library (dependency of RedDeer

Logging like in BRMS testsuite, minor tweaks

Support classes for running the rules

Tests for creation of new resources

moving rules running to correct class plus some minor tweaks

new test (BZ#1001723)

switch test order (makes more sense this way)

new way of traversing tables in RedDeet 0.4.0

new way of traversing tables in RedDeet 0.4.0

Drools 6 support in new plugin version

New versionof plugin removed spaces after colons

JBTIS-129: Create SY bot test from existing BPM process

org.jboss.tools.cdi.bot.test refactoring

org.jboss.tools.cdi.bot.test CDIValidatorTest fix

WeldExtensionTest fix

added logging configuration

Applied Red Deer API changes

The method table.cel(x,y) doesn't exist anymore in Red Deer API.

Changed to table.getItem(x).getText(y).

JBTIS-147: Cannot build BPMN2 bot tests

JBTIS-131: Create SY bot test from existing EJB

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JBTIS-126: Create SY bot test from existing Camel route

Updated JBTIS to 4.1.2

JBTIS-146: Update all jbtis bot tests to 4.1.1

Reformatting, logging exception

Fix method calls

add new test to BrmsTestSuite

remove properties file comitted by mistake