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Use HTML page instead of JSP page with CoreHTMLTagsTest

Use ViewToolItem instead of DefaultToolItem

Initial forge2 tests implementation.

Refresh project after adding libs

Update maintenance branch to 4.2.1.Final parent

Wait for problems view to refresh

Hibernate console from connection profile test added

Fail if setting classpath fails

Properly set targeted runtime for projects

Reflects changes to index.js file of Hybrid Mobile project

Dont throw exception, just log that update project shell wasnt found

Dont fail if item is disposed while searching for specific error/marker

First commit of tests for cross product integration testing of quickstarts.

Update test structure & stability fixes

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remove Seam conversion via activating JBoss Maven facet from tests

Updated hibernate dependencies after upstream hibernate change

Adds VPEAvailabilityBotTest to test if VPE is available

Longer timeout for CDI tests

Add wait - build might be running

Update integration tests repo url to 4.2.luna

The integrations tests repo url in root pom.xml of 4.2.x branch

pointed to master - it needs to point to 4.2.luna. I created

the corresponding jenkins job which publishes the correct p2 repo.

And now I'm changing the url in the pom.xml to reflect that.

Use assertEquals instead of assertTrue

Added a note to README about branching

When creating a new maintenance branch,

it is important to have a jenkins job that publishes

the maintenance branch to a URL and have this URL in the pom.

(It's sort of a chicken-egg problem - you will probably need

to do the rest of the steps first, then create the new job, publish it

and finally add the new repo to the pom.)

Change parent pom to 4.2.1.CR1-SNAPSHOT

Correct program logic - to handle NPE for product name in JBT

Central Tests fixes for JBDS 8.0.1.

Bug in NewProjectExamplesStacksRequirementPage fixed.

finish() method was added to MavenImportWizard & few methods were added

to MavenImportWizardFirst Page.

Check if requirements are met was added, when importing quickstart.

Runtime detection tests fixes fo JBDS 8.0.1.CR1

open() methods were added when working with views.

Wait for console is not changing was added when starting/restarting


Portal tests fixed for JBDS 8.0.1.CR1

open() methods were added when working with views.

Repair failing tests for: jbosstools.mylyn.bot.tests.poc Removed un-needed test code, modified to match new dialog title. https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18830

Handle preferences shell when validation settings has changed

Hibernate UI tests updated for RedDeer changes