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AS: fixed problem with OK button on property page

Changed group-id (maven) and version in META-INF (arquillian)

Runtime detection tests for EAP 6.4 added.

Move parent pom to version 4.3.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT

Fixed compilation issues caused by RedDeer refactoring.

OpenShift tests adapted to UI changes

Bug fix - update Arquillian test to be back in sync with Red Deer updates

Fix wrong catch for JBossRuntimeWizardPage

Catch CoreLayerException instead of SWTLayerException

Fixed imports and changes affected by RedDeer refactoring

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Clear console after each test

Rework removing projects from server to use ServerModule#remove

Removes org.jboss.tools.forge.runtime.ext dependency.

Added updating of maven dependencies and longer timeouts for running tests.

JBIDE-19343: Use newer download plugin

Smoke UI test plug-in added into integration test repo

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Hibernate configuration mess in various tests fixed

Missing driver definition added into ddl ui hibernate test

DDL test fixed and optimized and workaround for project importer added

Fixed server labels in runtime detection tests.

Also launchers were modified to reflect JBDS 9 changes.

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Portlet tests cleanup.

Launchers were updated, few Waits were added and selecting alternate JRE

in SWTBotExt was fixed.

Created CDI Templates to support multiple CDI version testing

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Additional multiple tests added into ddl generation for non-mavenized configurations

Loggers in Freemarker tests changed to be static final members

UserIdentifierGenerator validation test added into hibernate ui tests

All loggers in hibernate ui tests change to static final members

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Arquillian: refactored and added new tests

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Entities validation test for embedded entities added

Steps added into Freemarker UI tests

Old approach to get prerequisities replaced by requirements in hibernate ui tests