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JBIDE-26493 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.11.0.AM1-SNAPSHOT #close

JBIDE-26461 - StubUtility moved in org.eclipse.jdt.core

Signed-off-by: Ondrej Dockal <odockal@redhat.com>

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JBIDE-26431 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.10.0.AM1-SNAPSHOT #close

Change-Id: Ibbe504258b22e8c84dc4e31ed5453e2e3114097d

JBIDE-26371 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.9.0.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

Change-Id: I0300116ee5e0d256cc7168441d06abf8eb342488

[JBIDE-26293] bump webservices to 2.0.101

Signed-off-by: Andre Dietisheim <adietish@redhat.com>

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JBIDE-26195 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.9.0.AM1-SNAPSHOT #close

Change-Id: Id0f7c1791cabc152c88ce47959ca47af68fe7985

JBIDE-25276 - fails intermittently for more than 6 months, so disable this test

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

JBIDE-26133 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.6.0.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

Change-Id: I022b6c3e2d2c10f3ae6a6ec15d292bde97d06506

JBDS-4709 s/JBoss by Red Hat/Red Hat/g

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

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[JBIDE-26040] - Error for JAX-RS 2.1 @Context types (#294)

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

JBDS-4706 rename JBDS to Red Hat Developer Studio

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

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JBIDE-24997 Use Lucene 7.1 (#293)

* JBIDE-24997 Use Lucene 7.1

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

* Upversioned

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

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[JBIDE-25976] - Adapt webservices for Photon (#291)

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

JBIDE-25962 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.6.0.AM1-SNAPSHOT #close

Change-Id: I1e69df9be400e6d73ca97237333c2b62a086066f

JBIDE-25888 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.5.3.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

Change-Id: Ied2faa02cb0d2a8f4f1817fa0d0ce0596d003c2c

[JBIDE-25803] - Fix test failures with JDK9 in webservices (#290)

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

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[JBIDE-25276] - intermittent test failures in webservices

- Tentative fix for client generation tests

Signed-off-by: Jeff MAURY <jmaury@redhat.com>

JBIDE-25665 add p2.inf instruction to allow this feature to be an update for org.jboss.tools.ws.feature (#285)

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

JBIDE-25660 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.5.3.AM1-SNAPSHOT #close

JBIDE-25575 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.5.2.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

JBIDE-24880: Split JAX-WS and JAX-RS plugins (#283)

Signed-off-by: Rastislav Wagner <rawagner@redhat.com>

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JBIDE-25472 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.5.2.AM3-SNAPSHOT #close

bump up to 1.9.102

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

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jbide-25017 upversion affected plugins/test... (#284)

* jbide-25017: an attempt to fix tests

Signed-off-by: Dmitrii Bocharov <dbocharo@redhat.com>

* jbide-25017 upversion affected plugins/test plugins

Signed-off-by: nickboldt <nboldt@redhat.com>

JBIDE-25368 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.5.2.AM1-SNAPSHOT #close

JBIDE-25188 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.5.1.Final-SNAPSHOT #close

JBIDE-25147 Fix missing shell text in ws.reddeer DynamicWebProjectWizard constructor (#282)

Signed-off-by: Pavol Srna <psrna@redhat.com>

JBIDE-25141 Fix class cast exception in ws.reddeer (#281)

Signed-off-by: Pavol Srna <psrna@redhat.com>

JBIDE-25085 #comment bump up to parent pom version = 4.5.1.AM3-SNAPSHOT #close

JBIDE-24989 Refactor ws.reddeer test-framework to adopt RedDeer 2 API changes (#276)

Signed-off-by: Pavol Srna <psrna@redhat.com>

  1. … 19 more files in changeset.