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JBIDE-17296 - Missing warning decorator on the "JAX-RS Web Services" node when no application is defined

Also includes fixes for:

- JBIDE-17078 - JAX-RS Problems doesn't appears after the JAX-RS Support is activated

- JBIDE-17771 - Trigger validation when JAX-RS nature is added on a project

- JBIDE-18068 - JAX-RS Explorer doesn't have "expand" icon

- JBIDE-18114 - Invalid state of JAX-RS Web Services node in Project Explorer after JAX-RS Support removal

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JBIDE-18022 - For JBIDE 4.2.0.CR1: Ensure copyrights and provider names are correct in all plugins and features [Webservices]

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JBIDE-17543 - Investigate JUnit test duration

Not major improvement, despite a few changes

Also fixed JBIDE-17551 (renamed ui.test 'Logger' to 'TestLogger')

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JBIDE-17177 - Wrong @NameBinding quick fix for a @Target annotation

Fixing the quick fix applied

Refactoring the code for quickfixes

Including Java Proposals when missing values (with or without parenthesis)

Adding JUnit tests to check the quckfixes proposals and their application

Also adding a content assist proposal for the @HttpMethod annotation value, based on the annotation name.

Also fixed JBIDE-17307 Missing label and broken link for JAX-RS problem severity configuration

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Open - Hook up WS Tester to the JAX-RS tooling

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FIXED - - Support JAX-RS Applications FIXED - - Sometimes there is no update in JAX-RS explorer as it should be FIXED - - [Validation] Show error when trying to inject unsupported type with @Context

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OPEN - issue JBIDE-413 - JAX-RS REST Web Services endpoints out of sync with Java

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Modeling the resolved JAX-RS URI Path Templates, removing unused icons, fixing bugs, adding more tests.

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JAX-RS Tooling: initial contribution

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