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JBIDE-18714 - Invalid error message when @Target is missing on a custom Name Binding annotation

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JBIDE-18714 - Invalid error message when @Target is missing on a custom Name Binding annotation

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JBIDE-17296 - Missing warning decorator on the "JAX-RS Web Services" node when no application is defined

Also includes fixes for:

- JBIDE-17078 - JAX-RS Problems doesn't appears after the JAX-RS Support is activated

- JBIDE-17771 - Trigger validation when JAX-RS nature is added on a project

- JBIDE-18068 - JAX-RS Explorer doesn't have "expand" icon

- JBIDE-18114 - Invalid state of JAX-RS Web Services node in Project Explorer after JAX-RS Support removal

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JBIDE-18090 - Wrong JAX-RS Filter/Annotation binding problem report

Also fixed:

JBIDE-18078 - Wrong problem marker on binding annotation

JBIDE-18089 - Edit the JAX-RS binding navigation label, replace 'Jump to' with 'Open'

Added JUnit tests

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JBIDE-17976 - Problem markers are not removed on related Parameter Aggregators

Also introduced JaxrsResourceElement and JaxrsParameterAggregatorElement classes to reduce the code

Fixed JavaElementSearcher that did not return all 'related types' for a given type (was doing half of the job)

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JBIDE-17730 - JAX-RS @PathParam Field is not validated against @Path annotation value

Fixed for the "as-you-type" validation mode

Also added validation for resource properties

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JBIDE-17717 - Validation of @Path annotation with invalid argument cause error

Fixed for @Path annotation values on both Resource and Resource Methods

Fixed for missing '{' and '}' brackets.

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JBIDE-16825 - Provide support for new @BeanParam JAX-RS Annotation

Also implemented JBIDE-17575 - Support JAX-RS annotations on bean properties

Improved JUnit tests speed by avoiding building a full metamodel for each test

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JBIDE-17421 - Invalid '}' character in a validation message

JBIDE-17421 - Invalid '}' character in a validation message

JBIDE-15592 - Provide JAX-RS Fields and Parameters type validation

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JBIDE-16753 - Provide support for server-side Filters and Interceptors

Added support for ContainerRequestFilter, ContainerResponseFilter, ReaderInterceptor and WriterInterceptor

Renamed to to better reflect the content of this package

Removed and replaced by using org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.NodeFinder

Added Hyperlink navigation when selecting a NameBinding element, to navigate from a Resource/ResourceMethod/Application to

its associated Filter/Interceptor.

Added JUnit tests in core and ui (validation) to cover new code

Also fixed:

* JBIDE-16790 - Should add/remove Resource Methods and Endpoints when adding/removing @HttpMethod annotation

* JBIDE-15526 - JAX-RS validation problems are not linked

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