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JBIDE-16940 - Fixing sonar issues in JAX-RS plugins

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JBIDE-18022 - For JBIDE 4.2.0.CR1: Ensure copyrights and provider names are correct in all plugins and features [Webservices]

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JBIDE-17663 - JAX-RS Explorer doesn't reflect binding parameter to field

Using flags to retrieve the type of JAX-RS annotation(s) that were part of the removed element

Using the 'Flags' class instead of 'int' in other places.

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JBIDE-16825 - Provide support for new @BeanParam JAX-RS Annotation

Also implemented JBIDE-17575 - Support JAX-RS annotations on bean properties

Improved JUnit tests speed by avoiding building a full metamodel for each test

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JBIDE-17540 - Replace use of Slf4j with Eclipse Logger in JAX-RS core tests

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JBIDE-16753 - Provide support for server-side Filters and Interceptors

Added support for ContainerRequestFilter, ContainerResponseFilter, ReaderInterceptor and WriterInterceptor

Renamed to to better reflect the content of this package

Removed and replaced by using org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.NodeFinder

Added Hyperlink navigation when selecting a NameBinding element, to navigate from a Resource/ResourceMethod/Application to

its associated Filter/Interceptor.

Added JUnit tests in core and ui (validation) to cover new code

Also fixed:

* JBIDE-16790 - Should add/remove Resource Methods and Endpoints when adding/removing @HttpMethod annotation

* JBIDE-15526 - JAX-RS validation problems are not linked

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JBIDE-15548 - Use JUnit @Rules instead of inheritance in test cases

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JBIDE-16422 - Fixing sonar issues in RS (not WS) code

Fixing 'critical' issues plus a bunch of 'major' ones

Added more unit tests for edge cases (null args in method calls)

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JBIDE-13580 - NPE when duplicating Java Method

Ignore Method bindings if they are null.

Also rework on CollectionUtils to compare maps

When creating JAX-RS Resource, retrieve all Java Method Signatures at once if possible (avoid multiple call to visitor)

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JBIDE-13484 Simplify JAX-RS tests code

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Fixed - JBIDE-12806 - Annotations location in the JAX-RS Metamodel are not updated after code changes

Fixed - JBIDE-12593 - Improve quick fixes for @HttpMethod validation errors

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JBIDE-10287 Add support for JAX-RS Application JBIDE-12633 Support for JAX-RS Application subclassing with configuration in web.xml

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Fixed - JBIDE-12619 CLONE - Building JAX-RS metamodel is very slow at times Fixed - JBIDE-12618 CLONE - Remove need for jax-rs-api.jar

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Renaming EnumKind to EnumElementKind to better reflect usage

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Fixed - JBIDE-10115 Remove need for jax-rs-api.jar (

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Working on JBIDE-10425 Sometimes, the 'JAX-RS REST Web Services' node remains in a 'Building..' state (

Working on JBIDE-10287

Add support for JAX-RS Application (

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Working on JBIDE-10428 Further investigation on JAX-RS REST Web Services endpoints out of sync with Java (

Fixing JBIDE-10425

Sometimes, the 'JAX-RS REST Web Services' node remains in a 'Building..' state(

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Removing obsolete testcase

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Fixing (at least in the scope of a resource)

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Incomplete - task : Refactoring the JAX-RS Tooling to support JavaElementChanges along wih ResourceChanges, to and fix issues, too.

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JAX-RS Tooling: initial contribution

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