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JBIDE-17296 - Missing warning decorator on the "JAX-RS Web Services" node when no application is defined

Also includes fixes for:

- JBIDE-17078 - JAX-RS Problems doesn't appears after the JAX-RS Support is activated

- JBIDE-17771 - Trigger validation when JAX-RS nature is added on a project

- JBIDE-18068 - JAX-RS Explorer doesn't have "expand" icon

- JBIDE-18114 - Invalid state of JAX-RS Web Services node in Project Explorer after JAX-RS Support removal

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JBIDE-17949 - Problem with filters and interceptors defined as inner classes

Fixed problem that still remained when underlying resource was saved:

- the validator for the inner provider would run first and report a problem,

- then the top level resource validator would remove all markers for the underlying file and perform

its validation, meaning that the markers for the inner provider would be gone.

Fixed a related problem where only top-level types would be considered, which excluded the inner provider.

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JBIDE-17178 - Problem with filters and interceptors defined as inner classes

Removed the use of 'dirtyRegions' argument in the as-you-type validator because the given regions

do not match the actual changes...

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JBIDE-18022 - For JBIDE 4.2.0.CR1: Ensure copyrights and provider names are correct in all plugins and features [Webservices]

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JBIDE-18090 - Wrong JAX-RS Filter/Annotation binding problem report

Also fixed:

JBIDE-18078 - Wrong problem marker on binding annotation

JBIDE-18089 - Edit the JAX-RS binding navigation label, replace 'Jump to' with 'Open'

Added JUnit tests

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17976 - Problem markers are not removed on related Parameter Aggregators

Also introduced JaxrsResourceElement and JaxrsParameterAggregatorElement classes to reduce the code

Fixed JavaElementSearcher that did not return all 'related types' for a given type (was doing half of the job)

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JBIDE-17663 - JAX-RS Explorer doesn't reflect binding parameter to field

Using flags to retrieve the type of JAX-RS annotation(s) that were part of the removed element

Using the 'Flags' class instead of 'int' in other places.

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JBIDE-17796 - BeanParam: unbound @PathParam error is present after the problem had been fixed

Introduced the 'working copies' for JAX-RS elements being validated

Fixed a problem where some Java element changes would not be processed (linked to

  1. … 54 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17801 - JAX-RS validation: Bogus warning for parameter whose type is an enumeration

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JBIDE-17078 - JAX-RS Problems doesn't appears after the JAX-RS Support is activated

Add the WST validator if missing in the project configuration when adding the JAX-RS nature

Perform a full validation when the '.project' file alone changed.

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JBIDE-17734 - NPE when creating JAX-RS resource using undefined/empty Bean class

Fixed, for undefined type on method parameters, resource fields and resource properties

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17730 - JAX-RS @PathParam Field is not validated against @Path annotation value

Fixed for the "as-you-type" validation mode

Also added validation for resource properties

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JBIDE-17717 - Validation of @Path annotation with invalid argument cause error

Fixed for @Path annotation values on both Resource and Resource Methods

Fixed for missing '{' and '}' brackets.

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17711 - BeanParam: type of path parameter is not recognized

Problem fixed, and change of parameter aggregator field/property type also works, now ;)

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
ParamConverterProvider is not registered until Clean is invoked

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17667 - Quick fix for HTTPMethod annotation without @Target and @Retention doesn't add all imports

  1. … 29 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-16825 - Provide support for new @BeanParam JAX-RS Annotation

Also implemented JBIDE-17575 - Support JAX-RS annotations on bean properties

Improved JUnit tests speed by avoiding building a full metamodel for each test

  1. … 129 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17543 - Investigate JUnit test duration

Not major improvement, despite a few changes

Also fixed JBIDE-17551 (renamed ui.test 'Logger' to 'TestLogger')

  1. … 29 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17541 - Replace use of Slf4j with Eclipse Logger in JAX-RS UI tests

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JBIDE-17537 - JAX-RS Problem marker are not removed when JAX-RS support is removed on project

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17368 - Revalidate JAX-RS Resources when type used as a method parameter changed

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17308 - Enable 'as-you-type' validation

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17391 - Provide JAX-RS Fields type validation

  1. … 20 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17515 - Fix broken tests :-/

JBIDE-16763 - Add support for JAX-RS ParamConverterProvider

  1. … 19 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-15592 - Provide JAX-RS Fields and Parameters type validation

  1. … 24 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-15526 - JAX-RS validation problems are not linked

Fixed by keeping info about removed elements in the metamodel

until the validation runs.

Added and fixed some JUnit tests to verify.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17177 - Wrong @NameBinding quick fix for a @Target annotation

Fixing the quick fix applied

Refactoring the code for quickfixes

Including Java Proposals when missing values (with or without parenthesis)

Adding JUnit tests to check the quckfixes proposals and their application

Also adding a content assist proposal for the @HttpMethod annotation value, based on the annotation name.

Also fixed JBIDE-17307 Missing label and broken link for JAX-RS problem severity configuration

  1. … 29 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17276 - JAX-RS Endpoints should not display an error marker when error is on JAX-RS Application

Error marker is only shown on the "JAX-RS Web Services" node in the Project Explorer, not on all Endpoint child nodes.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
JBIDE-16981 - Validation of @Path parameters binding ignores @PathParam fields

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.