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JBIDE-17663 - JAX-RS Explorer doesn't reflect binding parameter to field

Using flags to retrieve the type of JAX-RS annotation(s) that were part of the removed element

Using the 'Flags' class instead of 'int' in other places.

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JBIDE-17796 - BeanParam: unbound @PathParam error is present after the problem had been fixed

Introduced the 'working copies' for JAX-RS elements being validated

Fixed a problem where some Java element changes would not be processed (linked to https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18009)

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JBIDE-17285 - Lucene error messages during tests

JBIDE-17801 - JAX-RS validation: Bogus warning for parameter whose type is an enumeration

JBIDE-17947 - Java Model Exception occurs while typing

JBIDE-17947 - Java Model Exception occurs while typing

[JBIDE-17877] Class with unbounded type parameter triggers exception

[JBIDE-17877] Class with unbounded type parameter triggers exception

JBIDE-17752 - Code freeze for JBIDE 4.2.0.Beta3 / WebServices

JBIDE-17078 - JAX-RS Problems doesn't appears after the JAX-RS Support is activated

Add the WST validator if missing in the project configuration when adding the JAX-RS nature

Perform a full validation when the '.project' file alone changed.

JBIDE-17750 - Bad location for javadoc in generated JAX-RS Resource

JBIDE-17548 - Creation of JAX-RS Resource generate code with syntax error

Fixed the problem that occurred when no Target Entity was given.

Also, prevents the creation of the method stubs if no Target Entity is given, to avoid

compilation errors.

JBIDE-17747 - Unable to complete the JAX-RS Resource Creation Wizard

Setting the status to 'OK' when the selected option is 'skip' and application already exists.

JBIDE-17744 - IndexOutOfBoundException

JBIDE-17745 - NPE while editing ParamConverterProvider

Adding a ull check on the range as it might be null in some circumstances (no annotation value for example)

JBIDE-17706 - Build failures on Jenkins

Changing the way the .project file content is replaced.

JBIDE-17734 - NPE when creating JAX-RS resource using undefined/empty Bean class

Fixed, for undefined type on method parameters, resource fields and resource properties

JBIDE-17730 - JAX-RS @PathParam Field is not validated against @Path annotation value

Fixed for the "as-you-type" validation mode

Also added validation for resource properties

JBIDE-17706 - Build Failures on Jenkins

Adding more explicit failure message to understand what's going wrong on Jenkins

JBIDE-17717 - Validation of @Path annotation with invalid argument cause error

Fixed for @Path annotation values on both Resource and Resource Methods

Fixed for missing '{' and '}' brackets.

JBIDE-17712 - BeanParam: matrix parameter is not recognized

works both on Parameter Aggregator Fields and Properties (setter methods)

Endpoint URI Path Template changes when the field/property type is changed

(eg: String -> Integer)

JBIDE-17711 - BeanParam: type of path parameter is not recognized

Problem fixed, and change of parameter aggregator field/property type also works, now ;)

ParamConverterProvider is not registered until Clean is invoked

JBIDE-17653 - Node 'JAX-RS Web Services' doesn't appear after JAX-RS Support is added

JBIDE-17011 - JAX-RS Explorer: Fix generation of URI for matrix's and query's default values

JBIDE-17578 - NPE when editing XHTML file with JAX-RS support enabled for the project

JBIDE-17706 - Build failures on Jenkins

JBIDE-17667 - Quick fix for HTTPMethod annotation without @Target and @Retention doesn't add all imports

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JBIDE-17664 - Improved handling of JAX-RS exec failures for WS Tester

JBIDE-16825 - Provide support for new @BeanParam JAX-RS Annotation

Also implemented JBIDE-17575 - Support JAX-RS annotations on bean properties

Improved JUnit tests speed by avoiding building a full metamodel for each test

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