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Fix typo and reduce title length


* Title spanned multiple lines making it hard to read

This change addreses the need by:

* Reduce the duplication in title

JBIDE-21245: Easymport N&N

add team data for Nick Boldt; add new GA CVE blog; link JBDS 9.0.0.GA download page to GA CVE blog instead of previous GA blog

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max's latest suggestion is to add a second entry for 9.0.0.GA-CVE-2015-7501, so we can link to both the patched and unpacked EAP bundle installers; however, awestruct/rake doesn't know what a 9.0.0.GA-CVE-2015-7501 release is so add old 9.0.0.GA (unpatched) installer into list of installer jars instead of a whole second release bucket

JBTIS-4.2.4.Final/ JBDSIS 8.0.4.GA updates

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DEVELOPER-1435 JBDS-3562 PR to move to the new jboss-devstudio-9.0.0.GA-CVE-2015-7501-installer-eap.jar, and update the name label on it. DO NOT APPLY until the jar's in GG / CSP. Also... do we want a separate release entry, or just a change to the existing 9.0.0.GA entry? Should we update the release date from Oct 2 to Dec 8?

remove BZ number and replace with release date... which I assume is today\?

fix Nexus URLs for Browsersim standalone zips (new namespace for 3.7.1/3.8.0 drops the .vpe. segment)

Adding YouTube video in Devoxx15 blog post

Fixing link in blog post

Blog post about Docker tooling at Devoxx'15

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TOOLSDOC-307a: Updated article with minor changes

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blog about UX lead

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JBDS-3547 replace http://www.redhat.com/j/elqNow/elqRedir.htm?ref=http://www.jboss.org/download-manager/content with simply http://www.jboss.org/download-manager/content

JBDS-3547 use https instead of http for www.jboss.org/download-manager/content/ to skip an apache redirect (more efficient)

JBIDE-20846 : mereg OpenShift 2 and 3 features

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

TOOLSDOC610: Changed header numbering for clarity, anchor and added some results

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JBIDE-20924: Resize images

JBIDE-20698 EAP 7 and WF 10 support is experimental

Add a note saying that EAP 7 and WildFly 10 support is experimental.

JBTIS-518 - update products.yml for JBTIS 4.3.0.Alpha2 - JBDSIS 9.0.0.Alpha2 - blog later

fix author and datestamp


* without proper author awestruct fails to build (JBIDE-20938)

* datestamp is no longer required.

This change addreses the need by:

* use kaers instead of koentsje

* removed datestamp

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TOOLSDOC-610: Added text and two images to article

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Fix Luna mention on download page


* Because we are on Mars now for our main downloads ;)

Archived JBDS 8.1.0.Beta1 build

JBIDE-20924: correct typo

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JBIDE-20924: Write a blog about the changes in the Eclipse Hibernate tooling

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add neon

remove 4.2.0.Nightly, rename/fix 4.3.*.Nightly, add 4.4.0.Nightly

Fixed broken N&N link in JBDS 9.GA blog

mark 4.3.0.* and 9.0.0.* (pre-Final, pre-GA) milestones as archived: true

DEVELOPER-1410 add JBT 4.3.0.Final and 9.0.0.GA to tools.jboss.org, including new blog /blog/ga-for-mars.html

JBIDE-20884 : OpenShift New and Noteworthy for 4.3.0.Final

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

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