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TOOLSDOC-550: Added howto template

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Update YYYY-MM-DD-blog-title.adoc.template

Fixing typos

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Fix typo: Lunix -> Linux

replace contributor list which was erroneously removed

fix links to JBT 4.2.0.Final (not GA) and bump link to JEE bundle to SR1 (not R)

Fixing broken link to download JBoss Tools 4.2.0.Final in blog post

Fixing broken link to blog announcement

Fixing the empty link to the marketplace page

Fixing the title position on blog posts

remove 4.2.0.GA mentions

fix blog announce link

fix link in release blog

fix more typos

fix typos metadata and mention of kepler in hardcoded places

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blog for 4.2 GA

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Blog about brand new Browsersim / CordovaSim features

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Removing obsolete VPE question from FAQ. Minor misprint

Fixing component id on N&N for maven tooling

add 4.2.0.Final to download page

add JBDS 8.0.0.GA to download page and remove marketplace links from pre-GA milestones

[JBIDE-18611] Aerogear New and Noteworthy for 4.2.0.CR2

N&N for aerogear/thym

JBIDE-18614 : Maven New and Noteworthy for 4.2.0.CR2

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

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JBIDE-18498 fix missing warning for nightly

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A few rewordings and ensure RHEL acronym is fully expanded on first mention.

JBIDE-18660 - broken layout on features page

Adding RHEL edge cases to Browsersim FAQ

JBIDE-18657 - Broken build when adding N&N for unreleased version

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Fixing image in item #5 of visualeditor.adoc

fix redundant how to title

fix merge