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Moving to cxf 2.4.10.jbossorg-1-SNAPSHOT

[JBPAPP6-1694] Adding autoRewriteSoapAddressForAllServices option (CXF-4677)

[JBWS-3570] Fixing testcase regression

[JBWS-3570] Replacing SoapTransportFactoryExt/AddressRewritingEndpointInfo integration hack with usage of Apache CXF 'publishedEndpointUrl' endpoint configuration option + fixing a couple of related bugs. This requires changes in JBWS-3571 and CXF-4674.

[JBWS-3571] Extending SOAPAddressWSDLParser to process wsdl imports

Allow building embedded tests with clean repository

Add WSI-BP Test 1197
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[JBWS-3552] more meaning full exception test cases
[JBWS-3552] more meaning full method params test cases
[JBWS-3552] fixing endpoint impl methods throws clause
Moving maven jaxws-tools plugin to latest jbossws-cxf 4.1.0.Final (didn't move to native 4.1.0.Final as jaxws impl has been dropped there)

enabling tests again
fixing test case
[CXF-4653] excluding test for a while until fix is available in upstream
[JBPAPP-10449] Responder supports the inbound soap message with wsa MessageID and RelatesTo headers
[JBPAPP-10449] - Make one off patch branch
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[JBWS-3567] Moving to wss4j 1.6.8-SNAPSHOT

[JBPAPP-9495] fixing tag version
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    • +4
[JBPAPP-10410] fix endpoint instantiation concurrency issue
preparing new CXF tag playground
Fixing testsuite compilation

Adding testcase showing how to force WS-Addressing 2004/08 usage instead of default

fix AS deployment
Test RSA-OAEP key wrap algorithm in SignEncryptTestCase

[JBPAPP-10421] Applying fix

[JBPAPP-10420] moving to latest wss4j snapshot

[JBPAPP-10420] Backporting commit 1202218 from upstream

[JBPAPP-10410] fix endpoint instantiation concurrency issue
[JBPAPP-9969] backporting following commits from cxf 2.4.x: 1368651, 1368174, 1372937, 1372983, 1365646, 1368626, 1368177, 1367658, 1368179, 1372441, 1372474, 1372114, 1368178

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switch back to Apache CXF 2.7.1-SNAPSHOT