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Impl failsafe method in virtual file adaptor

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Impl failsafe methods

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New dailsafe methods

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[JBPAPP6-1725] - Create one off patch for CXF Stack changes
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[JBPAPP6-1725] - Create one off patch branch
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[JBWS-3577] Native RequestHandler as singleton

[JBWS-3577] CXF RequestHandler as singleton

[JBWS-3577] RequestHandler and LifecycleHandler usage as singletons

[JBWS-3577] Updating spi, deprecating methods to be replaced

[JBWS-3576] Get ServerConfig from AbstractServerConfig static convenient method whenever it makes sense

[JBWS-3576] Centralize ServerConfig retrieval into AbstractServerConfig

Minor fix

Few fixes / improvements

[JBPAPP6-859] fixing NPE
Further minor fixes / improvements

Fixing few minor bugs / leaks

[JBWS-3570] Extending testcase

[JBPAPP-9224] Fixing the fix... (wrong ws-sec pol 1.1 ns)

Use SecurityActions to get system props

[JBWS-3572] upgrade Apache CXF from 2.6.3 -> 2.6.4
upgrade to latest CXF snapshot
[JBPAPP-10448] - Responder supports the inbound soap message with wsa MessageID and RelatesTo headers
[JBWS-3570] Fixing regression

Add WS-I BP Test1198
[JBPAPP6-1694] Set autoRewriteSoapAddressForAllServices option too

Moving to cxf 2.4.10.jbossorg-1-SNAPSHOT

[JBPAPP6-1694] Adding autoRewriteSoapAddressForAllServices option (CXF-4677)