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fixing tagged version
setting proper versions
[JBAS-7888] tagging new jbossws-common release
  1. /common/tags/jbossws-common-1.3.0.CR2.SP1
[JBAS-7888] @EJB injectable resources are always populated to global JNDI environment, so using this global JNDI for lookup
adding another tests to the job
override JBossAS 600 M3 AS IL
override JBossAS 600 M3 AS IL
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override JBossAS 600 M3 AS IL
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override JBossAS 600 M3 AS IL
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configuring SVN excludes
providing JBossAS 600 M3 ASIL
  1. /container/jboss60/branches/jbossws-jboss600M3
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fixing AS 600 M3 hudson failures
switching to AS 600 M3 and updating excludes files
switching to AS 600 M3 plus updating excludes
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switching to AS 600 M3
switching to AS M3, syncing excludes files, fixing JMS tests
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[JBWS-3008] excluding test for CXF
[JBWS-3008] excluding test for metro
[JBWS-3008] providing test case
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[JBWS-2686] rollback the rollback - IOW the fix is effective again
[CTS-11] JAXWS TCK workaround
[JBWS-3008] ensuring proper Dispatch usage with @Addressing feature
[JBWS-2686] rollback workaround - it's causing TCK6 regressions
[JBWS-2791]:Added test case for jms endpoint deployed with jbossws-endpoint.xml
[JBWS-2791]:Added the demand to BeanMetaData in As5 WSEndpointsRealDeployer to deploy jms queue/topic first
[JBWS-2791]:Explicitly to close the created jms connection;updated the spring to 2.5.6
[JBWS-2791]:Added the deployers to parse and deploy jbossws-endpoints.xml
[JBWS-2791]:Added AbstractDeploymentAspect and schema files to validate the jbossws-endpoints.xml
[JBWS-2791]:Reverted the EndpointRegistryDeploymentAspect change and registered the endpoints in Pojo bean deployment;check jms endpoint with startWith(jms) instead of uri schema
[JBWS-2791]:Added AbstractEndpointsDeploymen and updated the namespace