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Moving to latest maven parent

Updating svn:ignore props

Removing eclipse configuration from svn

[JBWS-3129] Prevent CXF tooling from depending on jbossws-common DOMUtils as that causes classloading issues in the maven-jaxws-plugin due to its static threadlocal member

[JBWS-3129] Simplifying dependencies, preventing plugin from loading anything that would later be used by the tools, temporarly moving to using jbossws-cxf-3.4.0-SNAPSHOT for embedded tests

[JBWS-3000] Modifying JBWS2999TestCase for testing handlers support too

[JBWS-3000] Add handlers provided through webservices.xml

[CXF-1521] Enabling test

[CXF-1521] - Do not hide default constructors of Exception, as that prevents instantiation through reflection; - add @XmlTransient annotation on getter method too, being the corresponding attribute private

[JBAS-8403] enabling test for AS trunk
Enabling passing testacase

Fixing broken testcase

[JBWS-3127]:Enable JMSEndpointTestCase since CXF-2994 is fixed
[CXF-1252] Enabling tests

Fixing invadid provider testscases

Using @Logging annotation instead of @Feature(...logging...)

Enhancing test

Adding testcase for gzip encoding

[JBWS-3090] do not duplicit jaxb & jaxws APIs in endorsed - always remove jbossws-native-jaxws-ext.jar
[JBWS-3090] do not duplicit jaxb & jaxws APIs in endorsed - always remove jbossws-native-jaxws-ext.jar
[JBWS-2951] fixing NPE in JavaUtils - package retrieval
[JBWS-3114]:Added new connectionTimeout and recevieTimeout configuration
[JBWS-3114]:Added the testcase for stack agnostic timeout configuration
[JBWS-3101] Prevent NPE on null response message (which is possible when using Provider/Dispatch)

[JBWS-3101] Adding testcase

Removing Metro jobs from hudson matrix

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Removing old branch not used anymore

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[JBWS-3127]:Temporarily excluded the JMSEndpointTestcase
Adding required props to jms message before sending - testcase still fails though

[JBWS-2917] Enabling jbws3008 tests (only the failing ones are skipped with fixmes)