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[JBWS-3144] Fixes to default bus handling in the integration code

[JBWS-3144][JBWS-3084] Fixes to thread creation on SOAPConnectionImpl

[JBWS-3144] Adding initial testcase

[JBWS-3134] excluding test for native ATM
[JBWS-3134] providing annotation driven test case
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[JBWS-3084] Implementing SOAPConnection.get
[JBPAPP-5187] NullPointerException deploying JAX-WS endpoint with types in target namespace ending with '#'
[JBPAPP-5187] Branch for patch.
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[JBWS-3084] Skip build of response message for empty streams (prevent failure with one-way requests)

removing FIXME plus minor optimization
[JBWS-3084] Use DYNAMIC_SOAP_PROTOCOL when building up a message in the new soap connection impl

[JBWS-3084] Fixing implementation of close() method on added SOAPConnection impl

[JBWS-3142] ServiceObjectFactory have to always cleanup threads
[JBWS-3084] Moving custom SOAPConnectionFactory to jbossws-cxf-client.jar for basic client side usage. Also including the test in binary distribution.

Improving wsa sample, adding a testcase using client with decoupledEndpoint

Updating version and fixing svn:externals reference to framework tests

Tagging jbossws-native-2.0.1.SP2_CP09

  1. /stack/native/tags/jbossws-native-2.0.1.SP2_CP09
Moving to latest jbossws-common

Update ws-addressing sample to use addressing policy

[JBWS-3080] Use ${project.version} instead of ${version}

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Updating version.properties

Tagging jbossws-common-1.0.0.GA_CP06

  1. /common/tags/jbossws-common-1.0.0.GA_CP06
Removing branch not used anymore

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Removing branch not used anymore

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[JBWS-3127]:Added the missed file in previous commit
[JBWS-3127]:Fix the build-Add queue deployment dependency to assure the jms queue deployed first
[JBWS-3084] Fixing the test port
[JBWS-3084] Fixing some formatting issues
[JBWS-3084] Enabling control of chunked encoding when using SOAPConnection
Excluding netty.jar from SWITCH-BINDIST hudson job comparisons on AS 5.x