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Tagging jbossws-framework-3.4.0.CR1

  1. /framework/tags/jbossws-framework-3.4.0.CR1
Moving to latest parent

Updating pom.xml

Tagging jbossws-common-1.4.0.CR1

Updating pom.xml

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Renaming... jbossws-spi-1.4.0.CR1

Tagging jbossws-spi-3.4.0.CR1

Moving to latest parent

[JBWS-3084] Disabling custom SOAPFactory for 3.4.0.CR1 release (as it still cause issues with tck) - to be reverted after release

Removing useless eclipse conf files

Updating pom.xml

Moving to next dev cycle

Tagging jbossws-parent-1.0.9.GA

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[JBWS-3146] Moving to Apache CXF 2.3.0 release

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[JBWS-3145] Removing workaround

Minor changes to comments

[JBWS-3086] reviewed and merged JMS prototype upstream
refactoring tests
refactoring tests
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refactoring tests
[JBWS-3084] Removing the left-over comment from the test
[JBWS-3084] Enabling a test for SOAPConnection.get(Object)
[JBPAPP-5198] Incorrect namespace prefix for message part in WSDL when generating WSDL for JAX-WS endpoint.
[CXF-3044] excluding tests from execution
[JBWS-3144] Initialize default bus in a separate thread during boot

[JBPAPP-5198] Branch for patch.
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[JBWS-3144] Fixes to default bus handling in the integration code

[JBWS-3144][JBWS-3084] Fixes to thread creation on SOAPConnectionImpl

[JBWS-3144] Adding initial testcase

[JBWS-3134] excluding test for native ATM