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[JBWS-3482] Move to JUnit 4.10

[JBWS-3482] Adding jbossws-cxf-server dependency into jbossws-cxf-resources module to make sure they're built in the proper order when using maven parallel execution

[JBWS-3482] Use different context-root for endpoints that can be deployed concurrently

* Minor refactoring to a bunch of tests to avoid duplication in context roots of endpoints belonging to different archives deployed by different tests

* Simple semaphore solution in AppclientHelper for serializing applclient test executions

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Branching for working on making the testsuite concurrent and runnable in parallel

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[JBWS-3462] reviewed Native maven dependencies
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    • -100
    • +13
[JBWS-3462] removing configurability ability
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[JBWS-3474] fixing regression
Solve AS 7.0.2 regression caused by -r 16094 by making MultipleClientsServiceImpl an EJB3 ws endpoint, given JBWS-3276 is fixed starting from AS 7.1.0

[JBWS-3480] Moving to latest jbossws-parent

[JBWS-3480] Updating maven plugin versions

Adding default native version specification in binary distro testsuite build for 712 target too

Avoid using ${project.parent.build.directory} which is not working anymore with recent antrun maven plugin versions

Avoid using ${project.parent.build.directory} which is not working anymore with recent antrun maven plugin versions

Fixing test potentially messing up with client thread default bus

removing tests that will never be fixed
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Fix testcases to follow best practices: specs do not allow @WebServlet on classes not implementing javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet

[JBWS-3474] removing jaxws-api dependencies
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[JBWS-3474] trim down jaxws-api dependencies
[JBWS-3474] removing javax.jws dependency
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[JBWS-3474] Updating exclude

Updating a comment to be clearer

[JBWS-3478] Excluding test on AS 702 due to logging dependencies issues

Adding in-container wsse client testing

upgrade config version
upgrade config version
[JBWS-3478] Adding testcase for checking jbossws-cxf functionalities when Spring is available in user app

[JBWS-3474] removing apache ant & org.jvnet dependencies
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[JBWS-3474] removing jaxb & sun tools dependencies
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[JBWS-3474] removing jaxws native packages
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