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[JBWS-3517] Moving to Apache CXF 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT

Allowing SOA-P 5.3 version

[JBWS-3513] Adding testcase + fixing existing one to avoid assuming the thread bus is the deployment one

[JBWS-3513] Clean-up thread default bus before handing control over to ws endpoint business methods

Apache CXF 2.6.1 -> 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT
don't use httpserver spi snapshot until necessary
[JBWS-3335] Synch with latest jbossws-api + modify testcase to show how to only leverage jbossws-api for client configuration setup

[JBWS-3335] Synch with latest jbossws-api

[JBWS-3335] Refactoring ClientConfigurer interface now that there's way for changing a previously set client configuration + providing a utility class to further simplify configuration setup

[JBWS-3335] Allow jbossws-common service resolution from jbossws-api

[JBWS-3335] Adding testcase for client configuration change

[JBWS-3335] Allow client configuration change by cleaning up config handlers before setting a handlers from another config

Fixing missing undeploy of test client jar

[JBWS-3335] Enhancing testcase

[JBWS-3335] Modifying ProviderImpl for reading default client configuration from server config and setting it into the client proxy; also adding an out interceptor for sorting PRE/POST handlers

[JBWS-3335] Adding ConfigDelegateHandler and a specific comparator to allow PRE/POST handlers' sorting

[JBWS-3335] Adding constants for standard client config name

Fixing poms

Move to cxf 2.6.1

Fixing poms

Create logger only when needed for exception dealing

Use latest parent

Use latest parent

Tagging jbossws-cxf-4.1.0.Beta1

Tagging jbossws-native-4.1.0.Beta1

  1. /stack/native/tags/jbossws-native-4.1.0.Beta1
Preparing for next dev cycle

Tagging jbossws-shared-testsuite-4.1.0.Beta1

  1. /shared-testsuite/tags/jbossws-shared-testsuite-4.1.0.Beta1
Preparing for tagging

Use latest parent