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[JBWS-3522] Updating JBossWSInvoker to re-use existing Apache CXF Invoker hierarchy and limit the additions over that to the minimum to ease future new features integration

Use current PicketBox instead of old JBossSX for compiling

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[JBWS-3335] Removing fixme

[JBWS-3520] Improving target test to check for jaxws 2.1 code

[JBWS-3520] WSConsume ignores target 2.1 option

[JBWS-3517] Moving to Apache CXF 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT

Allowing SOA-P 5.3 version

[JBWS-3513] Adding testcase + fixing existing one to avoid assuming the thread bus is the deployment one

[JBWS-3513] Clean-up thread default bus before handing control over to ws endpoint business methods

Apache CXF 2.6.1 -> 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT
don't use httpserver spi snapshot until necessary
[JBWS-3335] Synch with latest jbossws-api + modify testcase to show how to only leverage jbossws-api for client configuration setup

[JBWS-3335] Synch with latest jbossws-api

[JBWS-3335] Refactoring ClientConfigurer interface now that there's way for changing a previously set client configuration + providing a utility class to further simplify configuration setup

[JBWS-3335] Allow jbossws-common service resolution from jbossws-api

[JBWS-3335] Adding testcase for client configuration change

[JBWS-3335] Allow client configuration change by cleaning up config handlers before setting a handlers from another config

Fixing missing undeploy of test client jar

[JBWS-3335] Enhancing testcase

[JBWS-3335] Modifying ProviderImpl for reading default client configuration from server config and setting it into the client proxy; also adding an out interceptor for sorting PRE/POST handlers

[JBWS-3335] Adding ConfigDelegateHandler and a specific comparator to allow PRE/POST handlers' sorting

[JBWS-3335] Adding constants for standard client config name

Fixing poms

Move to cxf 2.6.1

Fixing poms

Create logger only when needed for exception dealing

Use latest parent

Use latest parent