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[JBWS-3509] Converting JBossWS-API to latest JBoss Logging...

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Fixing javadoc

Removing unused member

Removing system.out

[JBWS-3531][JBWS-3503] Refactoring JBWS1666TestCase to use jboss-modules client

[JBWS-3547] Fix cookies handling in HandlerChainTestCase

Moving to latest component snapshots

[JBWS-3510] modules/client/src/main/java/org/jboss/wsf/stack/cxf/tools/CXFProviderImpl.java

Minor changes to collections creations

[JBWS-3510] Adding testcase

Moving to latest snapshots

Few minor changes on collections creation

Moving to latest jbossws-spi snapshot

Few minor changes on collections creation

[JBWS-3510] Add WSProvide option for specifying soap:address location to use in generated wsdl

Moving to latest snapshots

Moving to jbossws-api 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

[JBWS-3510] Add WSProvide option for specifying soap:address location to use in generated wsdl

JBPAPP-7461 Synch remoting version with EAP to 2.5.4.SP4
Move to common snapshots

- [JBWS-3545] Wrap ClientConfig and EndpointConfig lists into synchronized ones

- set initial size for arraylists above to reduce memory footprint (default is 10 and it's really too much here)

Moving http proxy testcase to forked VM execution as playing with client system properties does not fit multithread execution...

Minor update to comments

[JBWS-3405] Adding testcases for,, and scenarios of WS-SecurityPolicy Examples 1.0

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[JBWS-3405] Adding testcases for and scenarios of WS-SecurityPolicy Example 1.0 + minor fixes

[JBWS-3405] excluding test on AS 7.1.0

[JBWS-3405] Adding joda-time jar to bin distro client classpath

[JBWS-3405][JBWS-3446] Adding client.keystore and modifying truststore to allow for SSL mutual authentication scenarios (https client auth on server side)

[JBWS-3405] Adding some WS-SecurityPolicy Examples 1.0 2.3.x testcases (SAML 1.1 Bearer, Sender-Vouches, Holder-of-Key)

[JBWS-3405][JBWS-3446] copying files into shared testsuite too