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Tagging jbossws-spi-2.2.0.CR1

Preparing for tagging jbossws-spi-2.2.0.CR1

Go ahead with dev

Tagging jbossws-api-1.0.2.CR1

Preparing for tagging jbossws-api-1.0.2.CR1

[JBWS-3560] Adding FastInfoset dependency to jbossws-cxf-client and fixing cxf api module.xml

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[UNDERTOW-76] Excluding tests

bp12-tests fix to use url for bp12 deployments
[JBWS-3560]:Enalbe fastinfoset test
[JBPAPP-10455] Adding one-off jira ID to version string
[JBPAPP-10782] security fix
[JBPAPP-10782] Customer's fix: WSSecurityException conversion to SOAP 1.2 fault fails
[JBPAPP-10782] security backport
[JBPAPP-10782] Creating one-off branch
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Sorry, I accidentally committed things to the tag. reverting here
[JBWS-3648] Package refactoring + moving @PolicySets to jbossws-api

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[JBWS-3648] Moving @PolicySets to jbossws-api

[JBWS-3651] Adding default PasswordCallbackHandler and fixing some tests to use it and avoid explicit dependency on org.apache.ws.security module.

Fixing warning due to use of deprecated method

Misc refactoring of tests to avoid "polluting" buses that might be used by other threads or later by other tests running on the same threads

[JBWS-3648] @PolicySets support, misc tests, some predefined set xml

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[JBWS-3649]:Invoke LifecycleHandler in EndpointService
[JBWS-3643]:Change the EndpointRegistry to use MSC's registry
Scan deployment for custom policy sets definitions

Adding testcase using WSSE + WSSA through @PolicySets

Some cleanup

[JBWS-3560]:Add fastinfoset feature test
[JBPAPP-10758] Merged changes for CVE-2012-5575
[JBPAPP-10758] Merged changes for CVE-2012-2487