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[JBWS-3685][UNDERTOW-102] Adding 'secmgr' maven profile for excluding tests failing with security manager enabled on server side

[JBWS-3685] Adding a hudson job for running the testsuite against WFLY with security manager enabled

  1. /hudson/trunk/hudson-home/jobs/AS-8.0.0-SECMGR
[JBWS-3685] Fixing regression due to previous commit (can't use different jar names for bus testcases on AS7/WFLY8) + adding permissions.xml descriptor on required shared testsuite tests

  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
Minor testsuite fix

[JBWS-3685] Changes to cxf-test testsuite for running with security manager enabled on WFLY server

Allow manually setting WSDD probe/resolve timeout and extending default to 2sec

[JBWS-3679]:Back port fix to AS720
[JBWS-3679]:Back port fix to AS713
[JBWS-3679]:Back port fix to AS712
[JBWS-3699][JBWS-3692] Removing workaround in JBWS2150TestCaseForked and using new feature instead

[JBWS-3699] Also fixing testsuite build...

[JBWS-3699] Adding UseNewBusFeature feature and a testcase for it

Create One Off Patch JIRA from JBPAPP-10835 so we can fix JBPAPP-10856 on top
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[JBWS-3698] Fixing failure on AS 7.x...

[JBWS-3698] Also update JMSEndpointAPI testcase given the additional changes in previous commit to reduce clutter

[JBWS-3698] Use HTTP Upgrade for remote connection factory JNDI on WFLY

[JBWS-3697] Fixing WSConsume failures w/ OpenJDK 6

[JBWS-3696] Make AppclientHelper timeout configurable

Adding some comments / improving javadoc

[JBWS-3695] Fixing concurrency issues in continuation testcase - thanks Petr Sakar for the patch

[JBWS-3694] CopyJob fix & improvement

[JBWS-3679]:Use local deployed endpoint address to initialize port and avoid to use the rewrote soap address
Use latest ASIL snapshots

[JBWS-3692] Tentative fix for transient failures

[JBWS-3684] Making AbstractServerConfig more thread safe

* [JBWS-3687] JBWS1178TestCase -> JBWS1178TestCaseForked

* slight optimization in maven-surefire-plugin execution configuration

Adding test scope asm dependency, require by latest snapshot of cxf 2.7.7

[JBWS-3685] Some changes on permissions...

disabling spam for Opalka