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Updating release notes

Use latest released components

Use released components

Excluding tests

Fixing poms

Tagging jbossws-jboss712-4.2.1.Final

Fixing poms

Tagging jbossws-jboss713-4.2.1.Final

Fixing poms

Tagging jbossws-jboss720-4.2.1.Final

Fixing pom

Tagging jbossws-common-2.2.1.Final

Fixing pom

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Tagging jbossws-spi-2.2.1.Final

Back to cxf 2.7.6

Fixing poms

Updating versions...

Fixing branch name

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Branching hudson for jbws 4.2.1.Final

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Fixing branch name

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Branching for jbossws 4.2.1.Final

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[JBWS-3705] Fixing broken testcase

Fixing exclude jira ref

[JBWS-3688] Move to cxf 2.7.7

[CXF-5197] Removing exclusions

[WFLY-2019] Excluding PicketLink STS test because upgrade in WFLY master is incomplete and modifying picketlink-sts.xml to workaround a backward compatibility issue in PL

[BZ1004624] Fixing signed SAML assertion validation error w/ SupportingTokens only policy, also adding some additional checks
Creating one off branch
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[JBPAPP-10859] Schema validatation doesn't work in mtom enabled provider service. Used the fix that doesn't require msv-core.jar
[JBWS-3681] Adding exclude-integration-tests-BC-related and exclude-integration-tests-unlimited-strength-related maven profiles