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Preparing for tagging 1.5.12-patch-04

Preparing for next dev cycle

Tagging jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP14

  1. /framework/tags/jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP14
Preparing for tagging jbossws-framework-3.1.2.SP14

Preparing for next dev cycle

Tagging jbossws-common-1.1.0.SP11

Preparing for tagging jbossws-common-1.1.0.SP11

[JBPAPP-10911] Commit patch for allowing disabling Nagle's algorithm on ws clients (on behalf of Navin Surtani, thanks!)

Transparently direct the wsse authentication in ServerAuthModule without define the wss4j actions
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[JBWS-3709] Restoring TIMEOUT setup when sending probe messages

[JBWS-3709] Modifying testcase a bit to avoid counting probe matches from different hosts on the same network when possible. Moreover, actually checking match count on resolve matches only, as the address is optional and can theoretically be omitted in probe matches.

JBPAPP-10417: changed os.name check to set and maintain a boolean
JBPAPP-10417: installed toURI() calls as described in jira.
JBPAPP-10417: added URLEncoder.encode for MAC OS X env
[JBPAPP-10927] Fix generics issue with @WebFault annotated exceptions
Copying one-off branch
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[JBPAPP-10926][CXF-5437] Fix generics in @WebFault-annotated exceptions
[JBWS-3740] Drop AS 7.1.x support

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[JBWS-3747] Use System.nanoTime() instead of System.currentTimeMillis()

[JBWS-3746] Removing AS 7.1.x jobs, removing references to Sun JDK, removing native job, etc.

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Creatin 4.2.x branch to move trunk to 4.3

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- Fixing testsuite pom to allow running testsuite against current EAP 5.3

- Use same JAXWS api jar as in native stack

- Fix some log file issues

- Use latest jbossws-common and framework snapshots

[JBPAPP-10922] Excluding the JAXWS Dispatch test when running on CXF stack

[JBPAPP-10905] Fixing testcase adding SOAPAction value to each operation

[JBPAPP-10905] Adding testcase

[JBPAPP-10905] Return fault when processing encrypted requests that do not match any operationMetadata

[JBPAPP-10922] Fallback to SOAPAction based operation selection also when resolution using first body child did not match any operation

BZ-1029762: Made error msg number unique
BZ-1029762: Made error msg number unique