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Remove test branch
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Update tag version
Update tag version
Update the tag version
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Enable jaspi which be wrongly commented
Tag jbossws-cxf-4.3.0.CR1
[JBWS-3766] Prevent JDK8 failure due to null value in concurrent hash map

Remove the tag
Tag jbossws-cxf-4.3.0.CR1
Tag jbossws-wildfly800-4.3.0.CR1
[JBWS-3767]:Add addJaspiSecurityDomain sigature
Update the tag version;Add the addjaspiSecurityDomain signature in RemoteDeployer
Throw UnsupportedOperationException for addJaspiSecurityDomain in RemoteDeployer
Tag jbossws-jboss720-4.3.0.CR1
  1. /container/jboss72/tags/jbossws-jboss720-4.3.0.CR1
Update tag version
Tag jbossws-common-2.3.0.CR1
Update the tag version
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Tag jbossws-spi-2.3.0.CR1
Remove the wrong tag
Tag jbossws-spi-2.3.0.Beta5
[JBWS-3767]:Jaspic soap profile implementation
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  1. /stack/cxf/trunk/modules/jaspi/src/main/java
  2. /stack/cxf/trunk/modules/jaspi/src/main/java/org
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[JBWS-3721] Fixing testcase - improve readability
[JBWS-3767]:Add apis for jaspi soap profile
[JBPAPP-11003] Fixing schema validation test cases
[JBPAPP-11003] Schema resource handling now uses URLs rather than filenames so VFS can be utilized
[JBPAPP-10869] Schema extractor should allow filenames with non-alphabetic characters
[JBWS-3721] Fixing testcase

Clean initial context only after the all the remote ejb3 calls have been performed

Fixing permission issue

[JBWS-3765] Run integration tests in 'alphabetical' order by default; adding a 'fast' maven profile to run in 'balanced' order.